Deputy Morozov took pity on Pugacheva who flew away from Russia with her strange logic

The prima donna in her address called the population of the Russian Federation “slaves” and “serfs”. However, the State Duma deputy said that most Russians do not even have a hint of hatred for the singer. According to him, Pugacheva is a lost person who just needs to be understood and forgiven. .

Japanese government secretary general Matsuno: North Korean missile flew about 4,600 kilometers

The missile fired by the DPRK covered a distance of about 4,600 km, reaching a maximum flight altitude of 1,000 km. This was announced on October 4 by Hirokazu Matsuno, Secretary General of the Government of Japan, stating a serious threat to the country’s security. “North Korea launched one ballistic missile that flew over the … Read more

A ballistic missile launched by the DPRK flew 4.6 thousand km

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North Korean missile flew over Japan towards the Pacific Ocean A missile launched by North Korea flew over Japan towards the Pacific Ocean. Currently, the projectile has fallen, as reported by the Japanese Coast Guard. The exact location of the missile’s fall has not yet been specified. The Japanese side urged ships in the region not to approach rocket debris if they are found. … Read more

Italian Air Force: NATO fighters flew twice to intercept Russian aircraft in Poland

“Another takeoff for the Eurofighter of the Italian Air Force participating in a patrol mission in Poland. The alarm has been raised because of Russian aircraft near the Polish border,” the message says. It is noted that this week the Italian Air Force has already sent its fighters to intercept Russian aircraft to the north-eastern … Read more

ballistic missile launched by North Korea flew 650 kilometers

This statement was made by the head of the military department of Japan, Yasukazu Hamada. According to the minister, the distance along the usual trajectory is 400 kilometers. However, due to the fact that the trajectory of the rocket was non-standard, the distance increased significantly. .