Robbers ransacked Victoria Boni’s apartment

Global Look Press | Komsomolskaya Pravda Model Victoria Bonya was the victim of a robbery. While the star was resting in Paris, thieves ransacked her mansion in Monaco. Starhit writes about it. The TV presenter was so carried away by the beauties of the French capital that she even missed a few calls about what … Read more

Safronov spent 500 thousand rubles to restore the apartment after bad weather

Safronov bought an apartment in Bryusov Lane in 2001 on the top floor. However, he is still suffering due to poor-quality work on the reconstruction of the house. The Turkish company that built the additional three floors did not install a special grid on the walls. Therefore, the artist’s roof leaks when it rains. .

An elderly Petersburger lost more than 12 million rubles after a phone call from scammers

The victim herself turned to the police when she realized that she had become a victim of swindlers. An elderly lady said that an unknown person called her, introduced himself as a bank employee and convinced her grandmother that attackers had gained access to her accounts. To avoid losing money, the scammer advised the pensioner … Read more