Gas leak at Nord Stream can be fixed by October 3

Meanwhile, the publication notes that at the moment it is impossible to make accurate predictions about the functioning of the route. The situation will become clearer after the arrival of the company’s specialists at the scene of the accident, who will be able to assess the scale of the emergency. .

Contracts for fixed volumes of gas consumption threaten Bulgarians with sanctions

According to the representative of the organization, the problem for the republic is not the shortage of fuel, but its price. If the cost of gas remains the same high, then the reduction in resource consumption by 15%, which the European Union seeks, will happen in the country by itself, he said. .

Rosstat recorded an acceleration of weekly deflation in Russia // Infographics

For the period from August 9 to 15, the consumer price index amounted to 99.87%, according to Rosstat. Deflation accelerated to 0.13% compared to 0.08% a week earlier. Weekly deflation in Russia recorded the sixth week in a row. .

Inflation decreased in July in most regions // Infographics

In July, annual inflation in the regions ranged from 3.3% in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug to 20% in Ingushetia. Compared to June, it has decreased in most regions, according to information and analytical materials of the Central Bank. The largest decrease (about two percentage points) was recorded in Karelia and the Arkhangelsk region. The growth … Read more

Gas turbine Nord Stream 1 is still fixed in Germany

The repaired turbine for the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, which runs between Russia and Germany, is still standing in Germany. This was for maintenance in Canada, but has been back in Germany for weeks now, ready for transport to Russia. According to Siemens, the maker of the turbine, there are no signs yet that … Read more

And other legal entities // In the Russian Federation, for the first time in six years, the number of established companies is growing

Experts from the Higher School of Economics recorded an increase in economic activity in Russia – for the first time in six years, an increase in the number of created legal entities was noted while a decrease in the number of liquidated companies. However, the trend has not been reversed – in total, so far, … Read more

World food prices continue to decline // Infographics

The FAO Food Price Index continues to decline for the fourth consecutive month from the record highs recorded in March. In July, the average value of the index was 140.9 points, which is 13.3 points, or 8.6%, lower than in June. This is the sharpest decline since October 2008, according to FAO materials. It is … Read more

State real estate will acquire a fixed price // It is proposed to fix its cadastral value for the entire period of the transaction

A draft law has been submitted to the State Duma, fixing the cadastral value of state or municipal real estate for the period of agreeing on a transaction for its lease or purchase. This norm should become an insurance against a possible increase in the price of objects during this period. For more rare cases … Read more