Drunk woman in a fit of rage strangled her lover with a pillow in Salekhard

pxhere.com Law enforcement officers sent a criminal case against a 32-year-old resident of Salekhard to court. She was charged with the murder of her lover, according to the Investigative Committee of the ICR for the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. The crime was committed on July 29th. At the time of the massacre, the attacker was in … Read more

“Everything that happened does not fit in the heart”: Children’s Ombudsman Maria Lvova-Belova about the tragedy at the Izhevsk school

In the telegram channel, she spoke about the pain that Izhevsk experienced yesterday. About the shock experienced by children and adults. About how and why an everyday Monday became a terrible nightmare for a small peaceful city. Today, the death toll has risen to 17: 11 children, 6 adults. The Commissioner for Children’s Rights said … Read more

Fans were delighted with the fit figure of Leps’ daughter

Moscow Agency / Andrey Lyubimov The daughter of Grigory Leps posted a candid picture on social networks, exciting fans. The BLITZ+ portal writes about this. The girl appeared on the background of the sea. At the same time, the photographer took a picture from behind, capturing the very impressive forms of the 19-year-old daughter of … Read more

A resident of the Chelyabinsk region in a fit of jealousy killed his wife and stabbed her lover

pxhere.com A resident of the Kizilsky district of the Chelyabinsk region killed his wife and seriously injured her lover, a law enforcement source said on Wednesday. It all happened in the village of Kizilskoe in an apartment building. The husband returned from work, did not find his wife at home and went looking, suggesting that … Read more

Satellite city and the element of the “golden ring”: how “Gorskaya” will fit into St. Petersburg and its environs

In the next three years, instead of the former construction site of the dam in St. Petersburg, a unique business center may grow up, which will occupy an area of ​​about 150 hectares. The Megaline company is ready to completely reclaim abandoned and littered lands and, within the framework of the Gorskaya project, place a … Read more

The islands are small, but they can fit // “Russian offshores” adapt to the expansion of forced demand

Due to the tightening of anti-Russian sanctions, the government is once again adjusting the regime of special administrative regions (SAR) – “Russian offshores” in Kaliningrad and Vladivostok. The amendments introduced to the State Duma may open access to special administrative districts for new foreign companies, such legal entities were actively created after the start of … Read more

Crypto interferes with capital control // IMF economists confirmed its effectiveness in bypassing financial restrictions

The semi-legal status of cryptocurrencies and a high degree of decentralization of operations with them make it possible to effectively use such assets to circumvent capital restrictions, follows from the work of IMF economists, published yesterday on the fund’s website. The authors point out that the popularity of cryptocurrencies, primarily stablecoins, is growing sharply in … Read more

Data does not fit into the system // Business opposed connection to GosSOPKA

The Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC) criticized the amendments to the law “On Personal Data”, according to which all their operators must connect to the cyber attack detection system. This will not help protect the private information of citizens, but will lead to financial and administrative costs for businesses and municipal organizations, experts say. … Read more