In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, a first-grader fell into a coma due to a medical error

The child was taken to the hospital with a suspected intestinal infection. His grandmother said that at first the condition of her grandson was stabilized. Some time later, the student began to have severe headaches, after which he fell into a coma. .

A first-grader was poisoned by an unknown liquid in his father’s garage in Obukhovo

The accident happened to a first-grader from St. Petersburg while the boy was in his father’s garage in Obukhovo. The child was poisoned by an unknown liquid and was hospitalized, TV channel 78 writes, citing a source in the law enforcement agencies of the Northern capital.

In Samara, a pensioner who harassed a first-grader was sent for a psychiatric examination A pensioner from Samara, who dragged a seven-year-old girl into an apartment and harassed her, was sent for a psychiatric examination, writes In August, a resident of the Upravlenchesky village grabbed a schoolgirl by the hair, dragged her home, undressed her and began to touch her genitals. The victim was released only an … Read more

Rosstat estimated the enrollment of a first-grader at 22,000 rubles, and a first-grader at almost 27,000 rubles

Over the year, the basic set of a first-grader, which includes clothes, shoes, stationery, has risen in price by 13.91% for boys, by 11.25% for girls, Rosstat calculated. According to him, in order to recruit a first-grader to school, parents need to spend 22.2 thousand rubles, and a first-grader – 26.8 thousand rubles. The “basic … Read more

The head of the chess club in Ulyanovsk was detained for harassing a first-grader The Ulyanovsk teacher was detained on suspicion of harassing a minor, LIFE writes, citing its own source. It is specified that we are talking about a 56-year-old employee of one of the prestigious educational institutions of Ulyanovsk. There he led a chess club and taught electives in electronics. It all happened in October last … Read more

A pack of domestic dogs mauled a first-grader to death in Transbaikalia

According to the investigation, on January 22, 2022, the defendant released her pets for uncontrolled walking outside her household. As a result, the dogs attacked a first grader who was returning from school. The schoolgirl received injuries incompatible with life. .

In Voronezh, a first-grader died during a lesson

Voronezh, March 2. An eight-year-old child died while studying at the gymnasium. On the fact of the incident, a criminal case was initiated under the article “Causing death by negligence.” Investigators examined the child’s body and found no external injuries. So far, the exact cause of death of a minor has not been named. Currently, … Read more