The court fined Google another 12 million rubles

A magistrate in Moscow has imposed three fines on Google for failing to remove prohibited information, RIA Novosti reports. Two fines were issued for 5 million rubles, one more – for 2 million rubles. The total amount of fines received by the company reached 56 million rubles. Protocols on Google amounted to parts 4 and … Read more

Austria will be fined for refusing to vaccinate against coronavirus

In Austria, they decided to impose fines for everyone who refuses to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. The draft law on the introduction of compulsory vaccination against COVID-19 in the republic provides for a fine for refusal to vaccinate up to € 7,200. On November 29, the newspaper Die Presse reported with reference to a … Read more

The court in Moscow fined Google another 3 million rubles

The World Court in Moscow fined the American company Google 3 million rubles. on two episodes related to the refusal to remove prohibited information from their Internet resources. This was reported by the press service of the Tagansky District Court. To date, the total amount of fines imposed on the company amounted to 44 million … Read more

Memorial was fined 3 million rubles for violating the law on foreign agents

Since its inclusion in the list of foreign agents, Memorial has been fined almost 3 million rubles for the lack of marking of the foreign agent. This was announced on Thursday, November 25, by the Izvestia correspondent from the courtroom. “From the moment Memorial was included in the list of persons performing the functions of … Read more

Italian authorities fined Apple and Amazon € 203 million for restricting competition

Today the Italian Agency for the Protection of Competition (AGGM) has fined Apple and Amazon a total of € 203 million for restricting competition when selling Apple products on Amazon’s Italian marketplace, Antitrust authorities said that in October 2018, Amazon and Apple signed an agreement under which resellers of Apple and Beats products (owned … Read more