“Everyone will be fine. Especially our children”: What do people say who came to vote at the DPR embassy in Moscow

Many express the hope that the referendum will help “calm down” the war in the Donbass. “After all, what is happening there now is impossible!” – says one of the voters, leaving the polling station. “Mother Russia, take us away!” – emotionally exclaims another resident of the republic. “I want my hometown of Zaporozhye to … Read more

The air carrier was fined 30 thousand rubles for offended passengers in Tolmachevo

pxhere.com The Novosibirsk transport prosecutor’s office reacted to the lack of attention of the IrAero company to passengers who had been waiting for departure from Tolmachevo for nine hours. The prosecutor’s office found out that the passengers were not provided with hotel rooms, and there was no food and drinks for a long time. The … Read more

A resident of Orsk burned down 60 hectares of the steppe

pxhere.com The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Orenburg region spoke about an outrageous incident due to the fault of a local resident. As explained in the department, firefighters had to put out a powerful fire in the steppe in the Leninsky district. As a result of negligent handling of fire by a … Read more