Fans could not find Loboda’s eyelashes in the picture without makeup

In addition, fans saw that the singer’s lush eyebrows were gone. Many drew attention to the serious differences between Loboda on stage and in life. In their opinion, the artist looks simply ugly, and such photos should be left for a personal archive, or not taken at all. .

Vera Brezhneva complained that she could not find peace after leaving Russia

The artist managed to work as a volunteer in Poland, helping Ukrainian refugees to settle in a new place. At the same time, Brezhneva admitted that she could not calm down and find peace. Although the desire to believe in goodness still lingers in her soul. .

In Donetsk, the mother of one of those who came under fire tried to find her son herself in a burned-out bus

People’s News A resident of Donetsk tried to find her son in a burned-out bus, which was hit by a shell. The woman became hysterical and surveyed the area. At the disposal of the FAN was a video filmed at the scene. Recall that the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired on the Voroshilovsky district of … Read more

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry hopes that the UN General Assembly will help Ukraine find peace

According to him, this is the seventh time he has the honor to represent Budapest at this global political event. However, this year things are a little different due to the Ukrainian crisis, the minister said. That is why Szijjártó hopes that the UN General Assembly will help Kyiv find peace. .

Political scientist Shipilin: Russian oil and gas companies will easily find an alternative to the Western market

Federal news agency If the West refuses Russian oil and gas, then Moscow will quickly reorient itself to other markets. This opinion was voiced by political scientist Pavel Shipilin in an interview with the international editorial office of the Federal News Agency. European states are discussing the possibility of a complete rejection of Russian energy … Read more

The EU will not find an alternative to Russian gas in Algeria

Dahlia Ghanem of the Institute for Security Studies in the European Union believes that PDR, whose importance as a resource-rich state has increased amid the crisis in the EU, intends to strengthen its role in the region to become a leading country in Africa. According to the expert, Algeria can use the gas to strengthen … Read more

Russia will find other ways to supply the world market

EU politicians continue to think that they can continue to deceive the Russian Federation with impunity, only the light has not converged on Europe like a wedge. This opinion was expressed by the FAN historian of Russian conservative thought, publicist, candidate of historical sciences, member of the Writers’ Union of Russia Mikhail Smolin. .

Canadian police find body of suspected gunman

Brothers Damien and Miles Sanderson are suspected of brutally killing ten people in a knife attack on an indigenous population in Saskatchewan on September 5th. Another 18 people were injured. Police said some of the victims appeared to be prime targets while others were hit by accident. .