the fall of the UK currency was a shock to global financial markets

Markets in the US and the EU have shown sharp price fluctuations after the Bank of England announced an emergency purchase of bonds to slow down the decline in the pound sterling. According to analysts, investors began to sell assets to cover their losses in the UK. .

US Senate approves $12.4bn additional financial aid to Ukraine

In part of Ukraine, we are talking about the allocation of military equipment and weapons to it, the provision by Washington of logistical support and direct financial support. $3 billion has been allocated directly for military equipment, ammunition, salaries and salaries, logistical support and the provision of intelligence to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Another … Read more

Bloomberg: financial crash of 2009 may be weaker than the current crisis

Federal news agency The consequences of rising energy prices could bring the European Union much more trouble than the collapse of the financial system in 2009, according to an observer for the US agency Bloomberg. According to him, the outcome of the situation will come next winter. If the weather turns out to be colder … Read more

Employees of the Bank of Russia, financial infrastructure organizations will remain working after the announcement of partial mobilization

“Those employees who are employed in critical areas will remain at their jobs so that the financial system continues to operate smoothly, people receive salaries, pensions, social benefits on time, payment cards and transfers work, new loans are issued. In general, so that the Russian the economy and people received the necessary replenishment with financial … Read more

Moscow exchange made a proposal for receipts for digital financial assets

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For six months, prosecutors returned about 100 million rubles to victims of financial pyramids

Almost 100 million rubles. in the first half of 2022, the prosecutor’s office returned the bodies of the prosecutor’s office to the deceived investors of financial pyramids in only four regions of Russia, the Prosecutor General’s Office told Izvestia on September 20. We are talking primarily about illegal microfinance organizations in Chuvashia, Arkhangelsk, Kirov and … Read more

The ruble strengthened: financial analysts explained the stability of the Russian currency The ruble, according to experts from the analytics department of the FBA “Economy Today”, continues to trade without any changes. The correspondent learned more about the exchange rate of the Russian currency from them. FAN. The monetary unit of the Russian Federation is traded at the level of 60 rubles per dollar. Moreover, there … Read more

Political scientist Arkatov: the West is dragging Ukraine into financial bondage Domain European states impose more and more loans on Ukraine in order to ensure the obedience of Kyiv. This opinion was voiced by political scientist Ivan Arkatov in an interview with the international editorial office of the Federal News Agency. The German Defense Ministry said the country had run out of weapons. According to … Read more