Putin signed the law on granting credit holidays to mobilized Russians

Citizens of the country who underwent partial mobilization received the right to credit holidays. The corresponding law was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. This principle will also apply to contract employees and volunteers participating in a special operation. .

Fraudsters stole 100 thousand rubles from the ex-head of the Nizhny Novgorod Ministry of Finance Sobolev in Moscow

pxhere.com In Moscow, the former head of the Nizhny Novgorod Ministry of Finance, Vadim Sobolev, became a victim of fraudsters. He was robbed of 100 thousand rubles, reports the TG channel SHOT. According to preliminary information, the official tried to enter the bank’s personal account from a computer. When entering a username and password, the … Read more

The Ministry of Finance spoke about the new rules for granting subsidies to entrepreneurs

Changes will be made to the Budget Code. Enterprises that bring maximum benefit to the country’s economy will be able to receive support from the state. In order to select the most suitable candidates, it is planned to organize special competitions. The details of the selection system are still unknown. .

the Ministry of Finance supported the idea of ​​regulating gaming currencies

Game currencies can only be used to purchase services and items within a specific game. However, some services offer customers to convert game funds into fiat money, or sell game items for real currencies. For this reason, Rosfinmonitoring believes that the approaches to regulating the turnover of convertible game currencies and virtual assets are the … Read more

The star of “Univer” Stekolnikov spoke about financial difficulties during a pandemic

Stekolnikov played the role of Valentin Budeiko in the comedy series Univer. During the pandemic, the shooting of the project was practically suspended, and the artist had a debt to the bank. The actor could not pay off the mortgage, and therefore turned to the bank. .

The surplus of the republican budget was indicated in the Ministry of Finance of Adygea

According to the news agency “Adygea Today”, revenues to the budget of Adygea amounted to 16.9 billion rubles – this is 54.2% of the revised plan, expenditures amounted to 16.2 billion rubles, which is 43.9% of the adjusted program. According to the minister, most of the filling of the republican budget was due to the … Read more

RUDN University Associate Professor Girinsky recalled the change in a number of payments from October 1

Low-income families have until October 1 to apply to the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) for benefits for children aged eight to 17 years. In this case, the payment period will begin on April 1, 2022. Parents raising several children receive an allowance for each of them. .