Actress Nino Ninidze denied rumors about the final departure from Russia

Georgian actress Nino Ninidze often comes to her homeland to see her family and friends. However, because of this, the artist is constantly pestered with questions about the reasons for her departure from Russia, the StarHit portal reported. .

The final stage of the All-Russian television competition “TEFI-Region” started in St. Petersburg

The final stage of the XXI All-Russian television competition “TEFI-Region” has started in the Northern capital. In the final, 54 participants will compete for the title of laureate of the award, which is significant for Russian television. Among film and television professionals from different regions of the country, the best in 18 nominations will be … Read more

The CEC of Kazakhstan published the final data on the last presidential elections

On November 22, the Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan announced the final data on the presidential elections held in the country on November 20. According to the information provided, the current president of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, wins with 81.31% of the vote. This was announced at a briefing on Tuesday, November 22, by the chairman … Read more

Director Quentin Tarantino to direct his final film from an original script

Tarantino stressed that it will be filmed according to his own script. At the same time, speaking about plans to make a film or series for a streaming service, the director noted that this work would not be considered his last, Kulturomania reports. .

Rings of Power” surpassed “House of the Dragon” in final views

Since both series are made in the fantasy genre, and the time of their release almost coincided, viewers and experts continue to compare projects with each other. So, Nielsen calculated that in the final week (October 17 to 23), “The House of the Dragon” scored 1 billion minutes of viewing. .

The final stage of installation and pouring of the largest skating rink in Russia is underway at VDNKh

The weather this year has been the most suitable, the water seizes quickly. At the same time, the builders assure that one should not be afraid of warming either, because 11 refrigeration units monitor the ice strength, which can not spoil the impression of skating even at a temperature of +10 degrees. Of the novelties … Read more

Lavrov: Work on the final declaration of the G20 summit is almost completed

“Work on it is almost completed,” he told reporters following his participation in the G20 summit. According to the minister, the West added a phrase to the declaration that many delegations condemned the Russian Federation. For its part, the Russian side, Lavrov pointed out, added that there were alternative points of view. The Russian Foreign … Read more

YaNAO Governor Artyukhov invited fans to the Russian Cup final in snow volleyball

He also noted that Yamal has recently made a big step forward as a platform for events of an all-Russian scale. According to him, snow volleyball will certainly take root, as all conditions for the development of this sport have been created in the region. .