The film “Angel” by Alexander Petrov will be shown at the Street Film Festival in St. Petersburg

Shot from the film “Love Story” The short film “Angel” became the directorial debut of actor Alexander Petrov. The film will be shown at the Street Film Festival in St. Petersburg. Petrov also starred in his own film. He played a guy whose life changes after saving a girl from a rash act. Polina Aug, … Read more

The last film with Yevgeny Leonov failed miserably

Shot from the film “Afonya” The last work of the Soviet actor Yevgeny Leonov was not liked by critics and viewers. The film failed miserably at the box office. In the 90s, the artist began to offer few roles. Some of the images in which Leonov appeared were considered strange. For example, one of the … Read more

Director Bortko said that he was not allowed to make a film about the events in the Donbass

According to the author of the series “Master and Margarita”, he was cut down by two projects that were dedicated to a military event. One of them is a film about the Patriotic War of 1812, the second is about the events in the Donbass. With the first project, he was “rolled” with funding. He … Read more

Foreigners were surprised by the detail familiar to Russians in the film “In love of their own free will”

Shot from the film “In love with your own will” The Soviet comedy “In love of his own free will”, released in 1985, gained some popularity among foreign viewers. At the same time, the reviews of foreigners are fundamentally different from the reviews of Russians, the Kinoafisha portal reported. The inhabitants of the USSR did … Read more

Black caviar from the film “White Sun of the Desert” was flushed down the toilet after filming

Fans of the film “White Sun of the Desert” remember the episode in which the performer of the role of Vereshchagin, Pavel Luspekaev, eats black caviar with spoons. It turned out that after filming the scene, the scarce delicacy was simply flushed down the toilet. .