The US Armed Forces tested “revolutionary” combat robots with Javelin anti-tank systems

The publication says that these machines will revolutionize ground combat. It is noted that at one of the bases of the US Armed Forces, during tests, prototypes of robots hit targets with missiles and fire from heavy machine guns. According to available information, RCV-L robotic platforms can be used to patrol dangerous areas. Robots are … Read more

Volunteer deputy Borodai explained who is fighting for what in Donbass

– Of course, there is, and quite significant. In 2014, the Ukrainian army was a poorly organized crowd of marauders and various characters, some of which went over to our side, some did not go over to our side, but were simply, in fact, bandit gangs, not very well armed with old Soviet weapons. Now … Read more

Deputy Wasserman: we are actually fighting the collective West

Federal News Agency Far from everyone supports Euro-Atlantic integration in Ukraine, and the standard of living in the post-Soviet republic has fallen significantly. State Duma deputy Anatoly Wasserman shared this opinion with the editors of the FAN. The former head of the Italian government, Silvio Berlusconi, believes that the people and political circles in Russia … Read more

Russian troops captured the American armored personnel carrier M-113 during the fighting in Ukraine

The fighters of the Southern Military District (SMD) repelled the attack of the Ukrainian troops and received an American-made M-113 armored personnel carrier (APC) at their disposal. The relevant footage is published by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. .

The State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan announced intense fighting on the border with Tajikistan

The Tajik side is pulling military equipment to the places of ongoing military clashes and shelling the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Bishkek considers such actions by Dushanbe threatening, they can lead to an attempt to seize the country’s territory, the Kyrgyz GKNB noted. .

The White House announced the help of the Russian Federation in stopping the fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia

Russia helped bring about a ceasefire between Azerbaijan and Armenia. This was announced on September 13 by the coordinator for strategic communications at the US National Security Council, John Kirby. “With the mediation of the Russians at night, apparently, a ceasefire was reached, but it was almost immediately thwarted. Obviously, we want a ceasefire that … Read more

Azerbaijani army launches large-scale military operations against Armenia

According to unconfirmed information from eyewitnesses on the Internet, an Azerbaijani Bayraktar drone strikes at the military unit of Kapan (Armenia). Also, a number of Telegram channels report that the Armenian forces shot down the UAV of the Azerbaijani army in Vardenis. .