The US questioned the ability of the Pentagon to create a sixth-generation fighter by 2030

In the United States, they doubt that the prototype of the sixth generation fighter, which is being developed as part of the Next Generation Air Dominance program, will be able to appear by 2030. This was stated by an employee of the Heritage Foundation think tank and former US Air Force pilot John Venable. .

MMA fighter Mineev spoke about his attitude to partial mobilization

Russian MMA fighter Vladimir Mineev, in an interview with Izvestia, told what he thinks about partial mobilization and how he relates to his future service. During the conversation, he admitted that he did not know when he received the summons. However, Mineev said that he was not going to run away and would arrive at … Read more

Russia continues work on the creation of the Su-57 fighter with an electromagnetic catapult

According to the publication, the only Russian aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” is already outdated and will not be able to accommodate the latest Su-57 fighters. Sohu notes that the US has the same promising developments. For example, the F-35B fighter, which can be placed on the deck of an aircraft carrier or landing ship. .

Fighter Vildanov estimated the chances of Tarasov in the upcoming fight with Kovalenko

Pop-MMA fighter Artem Tarasov will be able to defeat Svyatoslav Kovalenko in the upcoming fight. This was announced on Friday, September 23, by mixed martial arts fighter Denis Vildanov. The fight will take place at the end of September as part of the REN TV Fighting Tournament. “Well, there are also two wonderful guys here, … Read more

UFC fighter Conor McGregor recovers from injury

Many fans of the Irishman were not too pleased with the physical form of the fighter. They believe that Conor has gained too much muscle mass, which will make him slow and clumsy. Martial arts fans will remember that McGregor has always been famous for his speed and sharpness. They believe that the excess muscle … Read more