The Philippines is negotiating with Russia on the purchase of fertilizers and fuel The Philippines is deliberately buying energy and other types of goods from Russia, said President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. According to him, the parties are negotiating deliveries in accordance with national interests. “We need new sources of fuel. And this applies not only to fuel, but also to feed, fertilizers, and other critically important products … Read more

The authorities of Peru called for the normalization of the export of Russian fertilizers

The politician recalled that now many developing countries are suffering from a shortage of fertilizers. Castillo urged countries to avoid imposing restrictions that could harm food security around the world. He also called for the further implementation of grain supplies from Ukraine. .

Lithuanian fertilizer plant suspended work due to rising gas prices

The Lithuanian plant Achema, operating in the city of Jonava and the largest producer of nitrogen fertilizers in the Baltic States, stopped production for several months due to higher natural gas prices. This was reported on September 2 on the plant’s website. “Due to the sharp increase in natural gas prices, Achema is temporarily suspending … Read more

Fertilizer factories in EU threatened by energy crisis

The cost of gas forced many European enterprises to curtail production. In particular, this applies to fertilizer plants. For the first time in 70 years, Europe may become so dependent on imports, and the reason for this is the anti-Russian policy and attempts to abandon the resources of the Russian Federation. .

Estonia fears an explosion of sanctions saltpeter from Russia in its warehouses

According to reports, the warehouses of the ports of Sillamäe and Muuga have been storing the Russian “sanction” in inadequate conditions for half a year. Fertilizers were delivered to Estonian transit ports, but EU sanctions prevented them from being transported to their final destinations. According to experts, in the event of an explosion of ammonium … Read more

Fertilizer producer Yara scales back production due to high gas price

Norway’s Yara, one of the world’s largest fertilizer producers, is forced to reduce its production further as a result of sky-high gas prices in Europe. Production capacity in Europe will be reduced to about 35 percent, Yara announced. Natural gas is an important raw material for the fertilizer producer, who is best known in the … Read more

The mayor of the district in Lithuania fears the consequences due to the shutdown of the fertilizer plant

Mindaugas Sinkevičius, mayor of the Jonava region of Lithuania, fears unpredictable consequences after the shutdown of production at the Achema nitrogen fertilizer plant due to a rise in gas prices. He stated this on August 24 TV3. “Imagine what will happen to those factory workers who, on the eve of the heating season, will receive … Read more