A man with an ax and a knife keeps residents of the Krutye Klyuchi microdistrict in Samara in fear

pxhere.com Residents of one of the houses in the Samara microdistrict “Krutye Klyuchi” are regularly attacked by a neighbor who cuts down doors and mailboxes in the entrance with an axe. State TV and Radio Company “Samara” informs about it. According to local residents, an inadequate man also pierced the wheels with a knife and … Read more

in Germany, they fear the transfer of Patriot air defense systems to Kyiv due to the threat of destruction of complexes

One of the reasons why the FRG did not allow Warsaw to deploy the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) in Ukraine is the banal fear that the system will be destroyed or captured by the Russian Armed Forces. Such an opinion in a conversation with the international editorial board FAN political scientist Dmitry Solonnikov. .

Psychotherapist Naumova told the Russians about ways to deal with fear

According to the publication Pravda.Ru, there is a rational and irrational fear. To cope with the first fear, one should take concrete actions, the psychologist explained. So, if a patient is afraid of losing professional demand, then he needs to master a new field of activity, Naumova suggested. .

Military expert Staun pointed to Zelensky’s fear of the West after the incident in Poland

Stone expressed confidence that the Ukrainian leadership is well aware of the consequences of stopping the supply of military and humanitarian aid. Therefore, Zelensky stands his ground and continues to blame Russia everywhere and always, while playing a “weak card”. .