Sasha Stone called his opponent in the upcoming fight Kovalenko a “collective farmer”

On the eve of the upcoming fight with Svyatoslav Kovalenko, Russian video blogger and mixed martial arts fighter Sasha Stone organized an open training session at the Luzhniki large sports arena, where he called his opponent a “collective farmer”. Stone and Kovalenko will meet on August 5 at the REN TV Fight Club ring. “A … Read more

Barneveld is concerned about ‘biggest farmers’ protest ever’ on the land of dairy farmer Gert-Jan

The farmer’s protest on the land of dairy farmer Gert-Jan Brouwer (51) next Wednesday should be ‘the biggest farmer’s protest ever’. Mayor Jan Luteijn van Barneveld says he is very concerned about the influx and that is not unjustified, according to the organization. “This will be bigger than on the Malieveld in October 2019. This … Read more

Farmer Sirota from Istra spoke about the old goat Biden An old goat named Biden appeared in the village of Dubrovskoye, Moscow Region, on the territory of the Istra cheese factory. It is reported by the online edition “Podmoskovye Segodnya”. The famous Russian cheese maker Oleg Sirota decided to name the old goat Biden. He noted that the pet appeared on his farm just … Read more

Expropriating a farmer takes a long breath, lawyers foresee

Expropriation of farms for nitrogen promises to be a time-consuming and complicated process. Experts in agricultural law warn against this. Nitrogen minister Christianne van der Wal threatens with expropriation to force farmers to participate in voluntary buy-out. Lawyer Piet Stehouwer estimates the chance that within her term of office even one livestock farmer will be … Read more

Farmer Proshakov predicted a sharp drop in prices for four products in Russia

The farmer explained that a mechanism that has already been launched will contribute to lowering food prices. It will happen due to the imposed restrictions on imports, which were accepted by the Russian authorities. The fall in value will affect products such as cereals, sunflower oil, bakery products and pasta. According to Proshakov, their prices … Read more

Farmer discovers ancient tomb in western Libya

Tripoli, 5 February. A citizen of Libya discovered an ancient tomb on the farm. This is reported by the Libya Review. The man spoke about the find to the Office of the Tourist Police and the Protection of Antiquities. Specialists went to the scene of the incident and began excavations. “Traces of an ancient tomb … Read more

Farm products may leave the Russian market of potatoes and vegetables

Chairman of the Union of Potato and Vegetable Market Participants Sergei Lupekhin said that small and medium-sized producers may leave the market next season due to rising prices for seeds, fertilizers and machinery. However, large companies will not have time to replace them in a short time. Mr. Lupekhin urged to take measures so that … Read more

“The farmer has five to seven buyers every day” // Head of the Board of Directors of Demetra-Holding Vitaly Sergeichuk on grain exports and new projects

Having started collecting assets in the grain market in 2018, VTB Group has built one of the largest players in the industry. The created “Demetra-Holding” today includes terminals, the third largest exporter of grain in terms of supply, the railway operator “Rusagrotrans”. The chairman of the board of directors of Demetra-Holding, Vitaly Sergeichuk, told Kommersant … Read more