FAN publishes a video of the moment of a fatal accident involving a taxi hijacker on Obvodny Canal

A drug addict stole a taxi and provoked a mass accident near Baltiysko Square in the northern capital. A video has appeared at the disposal of the FAN, behind the scenes of which the moment of the collision is shown. .

Trained from scratch: Russian SOMB specialists shared with FAN memories of the beginning of work with the CAR army

Global Look Press via ZUMA Press A little more than 60 years ago, the CAR authorities took one of the most important steps towards gaining sovereignty by the country. On December 1, 1958, following a referendum, the French colony of Oubangi-Shari became the autonomous Central African Republic. However, in the future, the young state faced … Read more

FAN publishes a video of a man being beaten by two robbers for 5 million rubles in St. Petersburg

The incident took place on Sredneokhtinsky Prospekt. According to the police, a non-working citizen agreed on the Web with two unknown people to exchange 5 million rubles for US dollars. The meeting took place in the department of the credit and monetary organization. .

FAN publishes a video of a fight between a security guard and a teenager in a St. Petersburg school

According to a law enforcement source, the student insulted the security guard for locking the teenagers in the locker room. The man demanded that they pick up a hanger with clothes that had been dropped. The young man’s response was an offensive insult. .

GUM skating rink opened in Moscow: FAN live broadcast

On November 28, the GUM skating rink opened in Moscow. The event takes place in the heart of the capital – on Red Square. This year, they decided to decorate the skating rink in the colors of the Gzhel painting. The place of leisure is decorated with a Christmas tree, sparkling garlands and, of course, … Read more

FAN publishes footage from the place of death of a man at a gas station in Donetsk after the shelling of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Ukrainian Nazis struck another blow at Donetsk. Arrival fixed on Mira Street. The target was a gas station where a lot of people had gathered. Editorial FAN received a video taken after the fatal shelling. One person became a victim. .

Football fan smashes goalkeeper’s head with corner flag in Turkish Second Division match

Global Look Press | Xinhua A fan of the Goztepe football club ran onto the field and beat the Altai goalkeeper Ozan Ozenok with a corner flag, sending the player to the hospital. The incident happened during a match in the second division of the Turkish championship, informs Hurriyet. The meeting at which the goalkeeper … Read more