5.5 thousand families received a mortgage for the construction of a house with their own hands

“Private housing construction in Russia is actively developing – in just 10 months, almost 55 million square meters of housing have already been commissioned in this segment – 10% more than in the whole of last year. Preferential mortgage products play an important role in the development of this segment. Today, the opportunity to take … Read more

Mothers of large families of Udmurtia were awarded with insignia “Maternal Glory”

According to the press service of the regional administration, in 2022, 20 mothers of large families were awarded insignia in a solemn atmosphere. It is noted that the number of large families in Udmurtia is steadily increasing, reports IA “Susanin”. .

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation plans to double insurance payments to the families of those who died at work

The Cabinet of Ministers proposed to double the payments due to the families of workers who died at work. Such an initiative at a government meeting was announced by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. .

Almost 370 families of the Nadymsky district have moved to new housing since the beginning of the year

Until the end of the year, the authorities of the Nadymsky district will issue certificates for the improvement of living conditions to another 23 families. Those who dropped out of the state program due to reaching the age limit were provided with social benefits. Subsidies for the purchase of housing under the Cooperation program were … Read more

Ombudsman Volynets suggested using mother capital to receive interest on deposits

The Ombudsman named maternity capital as one of them. According to her, after receiving a certificate, many families think about how to correctly invest these funds. In this regard, the Russians do not use them for a long time. Volynets also reminded that citizens can increase their savings by opening a bank deposit. .

Volunteers congratulate families of NVO fighters on their birthday

Volunteers of the All-Russian Mutual Aid Action #MYVMESTE daily provide comprehensive support to the mobilized and their families. They also provide psychological and legal consultations, send humanitarian kits. Volunteers pay special attention to targeted assistance. Especially fulfilling the requests of the fighters to congratulate their loved ones on their birthdays. .

Named a new benefit, relying on Russian families with children with disabilities

Federal news agency From January 1, 2023, disabled children will be able to travel by plane to the place of treatment and back at the expense of the state. The corresponding government decree has already been signed, Parliamentary Newspaper reports. Benefits apply to children with oncological, immunological and hematological diseases, as well as chronic renal … Read more

The authorities of the Penza region allocated 1.5 billion rubles to support low-income families with children

Families will benefit from payments provided in the event of the birth of the first child and the third and subsequent children until the child reaches the age of three, explains the Penza-Obzor online publication. This support measure is being implemented within the framework of the regional project “Financial Support for Families at the Birth … Read more