Lavrov called false statements about the absence of sanctions against Russian grain

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The false seller of the washing machine deceived the Zenit midfielder Troyanov for 23 thousand rubles Zenit midfielder Konstantin Troyanov lost 23 thousand rubles when buying a washing machine. Now the police are looking into this situation, writes the 112 Telegram news channel. According to the source, the athlete decided to purchase a washing machine through a well-known Internet service for free ads. After a short conversation, the “seller” received … Read more

Arshavin’s mother demands payment of a two-million-dollar debt from her ex-daughter-in-law

The parent of a famous athlete considers the assurances of the former daughter-in-law about the calculation to be an unprecedented lie. She does not share the position of media publications and accuses Kazmina, who suffers from an autoimmune disease, of constant lies. .

In Tyumen, a 19-year-old girl was fined for false accusation of rape The Kalinin court of Tyumen announced the verdict of a 19-year-old girl who was accused of false denunciation. The figurant received a penalty in the form of a fine of 10 thousand rubles, they said in the joint press service of the regional courts. According to published data, in the fall of 2021, a … Read more

A resident of Barnaul lost more than 13 million rubles after talking with false bankers A 47-year-old woman contacted the Barnaul police. According to the applicant, swindlers took possession of her savings. The woman saved up money for 12 years, the regional Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported. The victim said that various people repeatedly called her, posing as employees of financial organizations. The false bankers … Read more

A false millionaire from the show “Mr. X” chose a barber girl who worked with Timati in the final

The project participants fought for the heart of the protagonist, thinking to the last that he was a crypto millionaire. Only in the final, Savanets, who is an employee of a cleaning company, revealed the truth to his chosen one, who was Alina Artykova from Ulyanovsk. .

reports of data leakage of users of the website “Gosuslugi” turned out to be false

The company’s specialists conducted a technical investigation and found out that the “merged” database does not apply to “State Services”. There are a number of identifiers in the records that are not present on the portal itself. .