A teenager broke his back after falling from an abandoned mill in Atkarsk

pxhere.com Doctors are helping a 16-year-old teenager who suffered a spinal fracture in the Saratov region. The boy fell from a great height, Oleg Kostin, Minister of Health of the region, said on his Telegram channel. The incident took place at an abandoned mill. Doctors diagnosed the victim with a compression fracture of the 11th … Read more

The girl was injured after falling into a sewer manhole in Saratov

pxhere.com A minor girl fell into a sewer manhole in Saratov. The victim was hospitalized with injuries, the regional prosecutor’s office said. According to the agency, the incident occurred at the intersection of Sokolovaya and Chernyshevskaya streets. The child was rushed to the hospital for treatment. The severity of the injuries was not reported. The … Read more

The girl disappeared after falling from the bridge on Sakhalin

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Thousands of Slovak citizens demanded the resignation of the government due to falling living standards

It is noted that thousands of Slovak residents took to the protest action. The protesters accused the ruling elite of the republic of usurping power. Citizens say the government refuses to listen to its own people. For this reason, they demand a referendum on the early resignation of the government. .