Doctor Lyudmila Lapa explained how to complete a home first aid kit in the fall In autumn, the home first aid kit must be completed with additional preparations. Sorbents and sea salt should be put there, said Lyudmila Lapa, a general practitioner. According to the expert, salt is necessary for warming baths. You can use the sea or, if there is none, the usual one. “For one or two … Read more

The price limit for Russian oil may not fall into the eighth package of EU sanctions

The European Union will not work out the details of limiting the cost of oil from Russia, Rickard Jozwiak, a correspondent for Radio Liberty✱ (a media outlet that acts as a foreign agent), said on Twitter. He reports that this measure may not be included in the newly compiled sanctions list. .

The fall of the pound brought the cost of gasoline in the UK to a critical level

At the same time, the AA automobile association noted that the price of a liter of gasoline at gas stations would be “at least” 9 pence less, if the pound had maintained the indicators that were observed in mid-February. But now the cost of refilling a full 55-litre tank of the average car is about … Read more

Saratov was convicted for the fall of a reinforced concrete pile on a young laboratory assistant

The incident happened on August 14 last year. The investigation established that the defendant unloaded reinforced concrete piles in two rows onto a cart and was not convinced of the stability of the structure. When the laboratory assistant began to check, one of the products fell on her. As a result, the girl suffered serious … Read more

In Novaya Kakhovka, a fire broke out near the shopping center from the fall of a rocket fragment

A fire broke out near a trading house in Nova Kakhovka, Kherson region, after a rocket fragment fell near the building. This was announced on September 24 in the Telegram channel by the administration of Nova Kakhovka. “At 23:35, a report was received from the duty officer of the 4th PSCH of Novaya Kakhovka at … Read more