Mitrakhovych explained what the European Union is hiding when talking about filling gas storage facilities by 85%

Stanislav Mitrahovich first of all drew attention to the fact that official representatives of Brussels are trying to reassure local residents against the backdrop of a major energy crisis, misleading them. The European authorities are actually deceiving their voters by saying that Europe will be able to get through the winter without Russian gas, since … Read more

The Ministry of Defense showed footage of Su-25 strikes on military facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine BY 4.0 Russian Su-25 attack aircraft attacked enemy military facilities in Ukraine. The footage of combat aircraft was shown by the RF Ministry of Defense. Stormtroopers attacked the positions and military equipment of the Ukrainian troops. The Su-25 flights were carried out at an extremely low altitude, the ministry said. Missile launches were carried … Read more

Zelensky’s office reported a missile attack on the facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Krivoy Rog

globallookpress/ Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Kyrylo Tymoshenko confirmed reports of a missile attack by the Russian Armed Forces on military infrastructure facilities in Krivoy Rog. The official specified that, according to preliminary information, eight cruise missiles were hit. “Eight Russian cruise missiles arrived in Krivoy Rog,” Tymoshenko said. Earlier, … Read more

The EU has reduced the rate of injection into UGS facilities, while some countries have switched to gas extraction from storage

© AP Photo / Mindaugas KulbisGas compressor station in Lithuania MOSCOW, 11 Sep – The European Union in September reduced the rate of injection into underground gas storages (UGS), according to preliminary data, in monthly terms by 13.5%, while the injection rate is growing by an average of 0.32 percentage points (p.p.) per day compared … Read more

Italy filled its gas storage facilities by 85% against the target of 90%

In general, European UGSFs are now 83.27% full. This is 0.75% higher than the average for this date over the past five years. At the moment, they contain about 90 billion “cubes” of gas, but the average rate of filling UGS facilities in September was the lowest since spring (only about 0.32% per day). .

The rate of filling of gas storage facilities in the EU has increased since the beginning of September Modla/dpa The EU countries increased the level of blue fuel injection into local underground storage facilities in September this year, despite the complete shutdown of the Nord Stream pipeline for an indefinite period, according to the Association of Gas Infrastructure Operators of the Region (Gas Infrastructure Europe, GIE). The energy holding “Gazprom” temporarily cut … Read more

Shoigu pointed to the risk of a catastrophe in Europe due to the shelling of ZNPP facilities

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu called Kyiv’s shelling of Zaporozhye nuclear power plants a threat of catastrophe in Europe. “The shelling of ZNPP facilities by Kyiv creates a real threat of catastrophe in Europe, international law qualifies this as nuclear terrorism,” the head of the Russian Defense Ministry said at a conference call in the … Read more

Bloomberg: The European Union will be able to fill UGS facilities ahead of schedule

Frank Hoermann / SVEN SIMON/Global Look Press Eurozone countries with underground gas storages will fill them 80% ahead of schedule, the US agency Bloomberg reported. According to journalists, as of August 27, the vaults were already 79.4% full. Earlier, the European Commission decided that the threshold of 80% must be overcome by November 1. It … Read more

Average filling level of EU gas storage facilities reaches 80%

The average filling level of gas storage facilities in the European Union (EU) has reached 80%. This was announced on Tuesday, August 30, by the head of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen. “We have now reached the EU average of 80% storage occupancy. In general, we have already reached the level that … Read more