The hryvnia fell by a quarter // The National Bank of Ukraine devalued it after the stabilization of the situation in the financial sector

The National Bank of Ukraine decided to devalue the Ukrainian hryvnia by 25%. The hryvnia exchange rate against the dollar was fixed in March 2022, and the Ukrainian Central Bank went for devaluation only after the situation in the financial sector stabilized as a result of deferrals for servicing external public debt. The depreciation of … Read more

Import will be supported by insurance // The Russian Export Center will deal with import problems

REC, EXIAR and Roseximbank (part of the Russian Export Center group) will be able to support not only exports, but also imports – the State Duma approved the necessary amendments yesterday immediately in the second and third readings. EXIAR, in particular, will be engaged in insurance against political risks of loans against import deliveries. The … Read more

Recommendations were brought to stores // The Ministry of Industry and Trade asks networks to facilitate the work of suppliers

Against the backdrop of rush demand for products and possible supply disruptions, the Ministry of Industry and Trade recommends that retailers facilitate working conditions for suppliers. Among the proposals are a moratorium on fines and the prompt adoption of changes in conditions. The suppliers themselves are asking to reduce the terms of payment for the … Read more

Lend a helping hand to new residents: how to facilitate the adaptation of refugees from Donbass to the regions

Recently, the Leningrad Region has joined the ranks of regions ready to receive residents of the LPR and DPR. About what measures will help refugees quickly adapt to a new life, in a conversation with FAN Professor of SZIU RANEPA, Doctor of Sociological Sciences Albina Beschasnaya. As the expert said, as the conflict grows, the … Read more

It will be easier for citizens to choose an insurer when lending

A draft government decree “On cases of acceptable agreements between credit and insurance organizations” has been submitted for public discussion on, which will replace a similarly titled document that has been in force since 2009. In particular, banks will be obliged to inform clients about the right to change the insurance organization to another … Read more

Utility networks connect to money // Ministry of Construction proposes to facilitate access to funds from infrastructure bonds

The Ministry of Construction proposes to facilitate the financing of the construction of infrastructure in the Russian Federation, including within the framework of projects for the integrated development of territories (CDT). When building networks for future renovation, it will be possible to deviate from the rules of land use and development, as well as not … Read more

Tula gingerbread will be protected // Russia will join the act on appellations of origin

The White House intends to make it easier for Russian brands to register and protect intellectual property rights in international markets. To this end, a bill was sent to the State Duma on Russia’s accession to the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement on Appellations of Origin and Geographical Indications. Participation in it will allow … Read more

Restructuring has reached the restaurateurs // Uncoordinated redevelopment made renting difficult

Restaurateurs and retailers have faced serious difficulties in signing long-term lease agreements for premises for their retail outlets. Rosreestr refuses to register up to 40% of such contracts, citing the fact that property owners have not legalized the redevelopment. Business representatives asked the government to ease the procedure. The owners of the premises believe that … Read more