Eyewitnesses reported the advancement of the Kosovo special forces to the border with Serbia

Kosovo special forces moved to the border with Serbia. Relevant footage on Sunday, July 31, was shared by eyewitnesses. Earlier that day, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, in an address to residents, said that the Kosovo police would begin an operation in the north of the region at midnight on August 1, blocking the entry of … Read more

Eyewitnesses reported the death of a woman in a flood in Sochi

According to preliminary information, a woman drowned on Donskaya Street in Sochi as a result of flooding caused by heavy rain. Footage from the place where the body was found on the night of July 24 was published by the Sochi No. 1 Telegram channel. There is no official information about the dead or injured. … Read more

Eyewitnesses filmed the consequences of the collapse of the bridge on the Simferopol highway in Moscow

Federal News Agency A bridge collapsed on the Simferopol highway in the Russian capital. Eyewitnesses filmed the aftermath of the incident on video. Recall that the collapse of the concrete structure happened this morning. Judging by the record, the bridge, where construction work was carried out, broke in half and blocked the road. There is … Read more

A loud bang rang out in the sky over Simferopol

Marwan Naamani/dpa/Global Look Press A loud bang was heard in Simferopol. The reasons for the incident are being investigated, Oleg Kryuchkov, Advisor to the Head of Crimea, told FAN. Local residents did not contact emergency services. The reason for the pop in the sky was most likely the plane crossing the sound barrier, Kryuchkov emphasized. … Read more

Eyewitnesses filmed the consequences of a powerful Ukrainian shelling in the center of Donetsk

Residents of Donetsk continue to suffer from the aggression of Ukrainian nationalists. The Armed Forces of Ukraine regularly shell the areas of the city, putting people in danger. On the evening of June 4, about 40 arrivals of enemy missiles were recorded, they landed in the Voroshilovsky district. As a result, destroyed apartments, burned-out cars … Read more

Russia presented to the UN the testimonies of eyewitnesses of the crimes of “Azov” and the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The diplomats told and presented a diagram of numerous cases of placing heavy equipment in residential buildings by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the use of civilians as human shields, which is a violation of international humanitarian law. Nebenzya also cited the testimony of Ukrainians who suffered from the crimes of “Azov” *, and … Read more

Eyewitnesses reported that a man took a child hostage in a house on Ukrainian Boulevard in Chita

pixabay.com Security service officers cordoned off a residential building on Ukrainian Boulevard in Chita, where an armed man is holding hostages in one of the apartments on the ninth floor. This was reported by news agency “Chita.ru” with reference to eyewitnesses of what was happening. According to witnesses, initially a woman and a child were … Read more