Retired Pension Fund // Andrey Kigim leaves PFR before merging with FSS

The head of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) Andrey Kigim resigned. The technical work leading up to the forthcoming merger of the PFR and the Social Insurance Fund (SIF), which was previously managed by Mr. Kigim, is largely completed. There is still no answer to the question of what the single Social Fund will … Read more

Institute is being selected for the creative industry // The authorities are looking for a form of support for “creative” business

An agency (project office) for creative industries may appear in Russia – the Kremlin and the White House are discussing the idea of ​​creating such an institution to support the creative industries. At the federal level, a model of interaction with them has not yet been developed – now the sectors of the “creative economy” … Read more

Merging without transformations // Anastasia Manuylova on what is and what is not in the reorganization of the PFR and the FSS

Surprisingly, if we recall that initially the discussion about the possibility of merging two of the three non-budgetary funds existing in Russia – the Pension Fund and the Social Insurance Fund – arose in the government and expert circles, primarily in connection with the prospect of changing the organizational and legal status of such a … Read more

New peaks for the North Caucasus // The Ministry of Economy rethinks the program for the development of the macroregion

The Ministry of Economy has reformatted the state program for the development of the North Caucasus until 2030 and updated its goals. The number of priorities returned to the solution of social problems of the region – for example, high infant mortality and schooling in the third shift. The economic goals remain the same – … Read more

Eco-collection falls out of one hand // The Russian ecological operator will not become the manager of its receipts

According to Kommersant’s information, not only the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Antimonopoly Service, but also the sectoral deputy prime minister Victoria Abramchenko opposed the creation of an extra-budgetary fund filled with eco-collection from companies that refused to be responsible for managing the waste they created. Recall that the creation … Read more

Regional loans call for modernization

More than a third of funding for regional expenditures could be covered by new instruments, say analysts of the ACRA rating agency. In 2020, the aggregate capital expenditures of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation amounted to at least 1.8 trillion rubles, more than 600 billion rubles. of these are social and environmental in … Read more