Woman’s Day experts have compiled the top 5 most gaudy hairstyles of 2022

Experts warned that unfashionable in 2022 and complex hairstyles with “dragons”, “spikelets” and “waterfalls”. In the past, Kim Kardashian’s favorite bouffants are left, it is best to replace them with naturalness. Completes the top 5 most tasteless hairstyles of this year, a bun with loose hair. Fans of the latter should start wearing a headband … Read more

Financial experts told what to do with excess currency in Russia

piqsels.com Today, there are several options for dealing with a foreign exchange surplus against the backdrop of anti-Russian sanctions, writes RBC with reference to experts. Anton Sviridenko, executive director of the Stolypin Institute for the Economics of Growth, proposes to reduce excess excess surpluses by issuing cheap loans. Another option is lending to foreign partners … Read more

Experts assessed the consequences of the US ban on the exchange of special borrowing rights with the Russian Federation

The law banning the US Treasury from participating in operations with the exchange of special drawing rights (SDRs) held by Russia and Belarus is similar to “freezing” one of the ways to use the asset, Oleg, a leading analyst at the Otkritie Investments global research department, told Izvestia on October 5 Syrovatkin. “SDR is a … Read more

Experts told how much the fight against the energy crisis will cost Europe

Fighting the energy crisis in 2023 will cost Europe 1-1.6 trillion euros, experts say © RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky / Go to media bankEU logo on the building of the headquarters of the European Parliament in Brussels © RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky Go to media bank The EU logo on the building of … Read more

Experts assessed the prospects for the euro and the dollar in Russia

Russia has been living under Western sanctions for more than seven months, some of which are directed against the financial system. Despite the Western ban, Russians can buy and sell euros and dollars. This is possible thanks to the good work of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, experts explained to Moskovsky Komsomolets. .

Experts assessed the prospects for the Russian currency and stock markets

Federal News Agency | Stepan Yatsko Analysts believe that new sanctions against the Russian financial market may provoke a suspension of euro and dollar trading on the stock exchange. The decline in the stock market may also continue, because the potential for this has not yet been exhausted, Izvestia reports. BCS World Investments expert Yevgeny … Read more

Military experts named the main problems of the Taiwanese army

According to Taiwanese analyst Paul Huang, the armed forces of the island nation need to be modernized. If the Taiwan Ministry of Defense does not change the concept of command and control of the armed forces and the combat training program, then the Taipei army is unlikely to be able to seriously compete with the … Read more