The expert told whether the Russians should expect a shortage of electricity

Industrial consumers may notice some price increases, but this is a temporary situation. Russia needs to pay attention to the maintenance of the turbine blades, which wear out the most. Aviation enterprises could master the corresponding tasks, the expert summed up. .

The Russians were told whether to expect a collapse in the real estate market

At the end of September, the level of uncertainty in the real estate market in Russia remains high, and the planning horizon remains volatile. Many developers noted a significant drop in sales after the announcement of partial mobilization by the Russian president, but a number of developers recorded an increase in demand in business and … Read more

Sivkov explained from which directions we should soon expect “massive attacks” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

According to the military expert, “massive attacks” by the Armed Forces of Ukraine are likely to take place in the Kherson and Zaporozhye directions. The Ukrainian command plans to use the remaining reserves to organize offensive operations. The Russian armed forces, in turn, will not allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to break through the … Read more

Finnish border guards do not expect an influx of Russian tourists from September 19

At the same time, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have already agreed to introduce travel restrictions for Russian citizens. As the press secretary of the Polish government, Piotr Muller, noted, the Baltic countries will not let Russians into the Schengen zone. .

military expert Sivkov told when and where you can expect the next offensive of Kyiv

Despite the fact that even Washington estimated the losses of Kyiv in the Kharkov direction as five to one in favor of the Russian army, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov in conversation with FAN said that the Ukrainian side has already begun to prepare for the next offensive. While Kyiv is filling gaps in … Read more

The Russians were told whether to expect a fall in property prices

NEVA NEWS | Zoya Chernichnaya In the next year and a half, the value of real estate in Russia will fall to the level of 2021. Already now, in order to support sales, developers are offering discounts of up to 30%, experts from the Realiste analytical center say. The situation is the same in the … Read more

why you should not expect surprises from Charles III

As Eliseeva explained in an interview with a correspondent FAN, for the British, the monarchy, and the queen in particular, is a serious symbolism. Yes, the queen died, but the monarchy did not fall, it remained, and a new king, Charles III, takes over. At the same time, if there was even the slightest suspicion … Read more

Political scientist Prostakov about the new Prime Minister of Britain Liz Truss: you should not expect constructive

The Western political system no longer has any features of personalism. Such an opinion with a correspondent FAN shared political scientist and military observer Sergey Prostakov. In his opinion, the current Western leaders look like nothing more than public figures who do not actually have the right to make decisions. .