Ukrainian toy stores have expanded their assortment with plastic “bones of Russian soldiers” Children’s plastic toys in the form of bones and a skull, which allegedly belong to Russian soldiers, have appeared on sale in Ukraine. At the same time, local buyers are sincerely happy about the specific expansion of the range of goods for children. “How interesting, how interesting! Look what I found! Orcs, in a … Read more

The Mir system is planned to be expanded to all hotels in Turkey by the end of the year

According to the results of the summer season, Mir cards are accepted in Turkey in almost all tourist areas. Now at the level of the state commission, the issue is being resolved so that they can be used in all hotels by the end of the year. This was stated in an interview with Izvestia … Read more

Exit from Lipetsk to be expanded to four lanes

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The Central Bank of the Russian Federation expanded the possibilities of banks to sell cash dollars and euros to the population

The Bank of Russia expanded the list of sources of currency for sale to individuals. This was announced on August 27 by the press service of the regulator. “If earlier funds received from individuals were available for purchase, now from other sources. For example, from transactions with non-resident banks, as well as currency entering the … Read more

Russian volunteers expanded their activities to the Nikolaev region

As the volunteers said, in the village of Snegirevka, which is regularly shelled by the Ukrainian army, the locals themselves help the Russian military to distribute humanitarian kits. Due to the proximity of hostilities, businessmen are afraid to deliver food to local shops, and the villagers constantly feel their shortage. Therefore, activists in Snegirevka provide … Read more

Search area for missing child five days ago expanded in Orenburg

In the Orenburg region in the Novosergievsky district, the search for a six-year-old boy continues for the fifth day. The operation zone was expanded to 20 km. The search goes on around the clock. The area is being examined by the police, local residents, volunteers from the OrenSpas detachment, volunteers from different regions of the … Read more

So what if GDP // Economists are looking for a replacement for gross domestic product that politicians will not like

The economic and political problems of the last decade have become one of the factors in the emergence of an informal “movement” among macroeconomists – “After GDP”. In the article “Is GDP Obsolete?” American economists Charles Hulten and Leonard Nakamura sum up the first results of the discussion in academic economics on this issue. Approaches … Read more

Reuters: Lithuania has expanded the list of goods prohibited for transit to the Kaliningrad region

Lithuania has expanded restrictions on the transit of goods through its territory to the Kaliningrad region in the framework of anti-Russian sanctions of the European Union (EU). This was reported on July 11 by Reuters with reference to the customs of the Baltic state. From Monday morning transit on concrete, wood, alcohol and alcohol-based industrial … Read more