In St. Petersburg, five cars collided between Prospekt Kultury and the exit to Murino

Petersburg on the inner ring of the Ring Road there was a mass accident. Five cars became participants in the accident at once, eyewitnesses in the group “Accident and emergency | St. Petersburg | Peter Online | SPb” in “VKontakte”. .

German Siemens Energy clarified the timing of exit from Russian assets

In the summer, the energy concern announced the negative impact of anti-Russian sanctions on its activities in the country. According to the results of the fourth quarter, the company’s loss amounted to 19 million euros, follows from the financial report. .

Henkel will not exit the Russian business before the end of 2022

The CFO of Henkel AG previously stated that the company is not ready to transfer assets in the Russian Federation to third parties free of charge. The representatives of the concern want to make sure that they will benefit from the sale of business in the country. .

Exit polls of major US TV channels predict a bleak future for Biden

For the first time this year, NBC News asked voters exiting polling stations to assess the state of democracy in America. Seventy percent of those who voted said US democracy was “at risk,” including 72 percent of Democrats and 68 percent of Republicans. Democrats and Republicans are divided on what is troubling American democracy. Republican … Read more

ECB puts pressure on UniCredit and pushes for exit from Russia

UniCredit FT said it was “committed to withdrawing from Russia in an orderly and decisive manner.” The head of the bank noted that negotiations had already been held with potential buyers from Turkey, India and China. However, the head of UniCredit excluded the sale of shares to a “local oligarch”. .

Izvestia: Samsung is actively recruiting staff in Russia after announcing its exit from the market

Global Look Press | Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa The Korean company Samsung began to actively recruit employees in Russia, although it had previously announced that it was curtailing business in the country. The relevant information was provided by the Izvestia publication. Currently, there are 22 vacancies open in the Moscow branch. The company’s management is looking for … Read more