plans to exclude Russia from the UN Security Council will lead to an escalation of world tension

Maaluf recalled the complexity of the procedures for restructuring an international organization. The UN Charter itself states that no country can be deprived of membership, even non-permanent, in the Security Council. Any amendment to the founding document of the UN requires the approval of all five members. The expert also listed other obstacles that the … Read more

Senator Kovitidi urged to exclude a number of diseases from the grounds for deferment from service

Kovitidi drew attention to the fact that now, for example, people with flat feet and scoliosis of certain degrees can receive exemption from conscription and military training. However, a number of diseases, in her opinion, should cease to be considered a reason for postponement. .

I do not exclude that it was an assassination attempt

As Manukyan said, according to the damage that the car received, which “rammed” the presidential motorcade, we can safely assume that it picked up a fairly high speed. And there would have been a blow to where Zelensky was sitting, who knows how this accident would have ended. At the same time, the version of … Read more

Matytsin called discrimination the decision of the ISU to exclude Russian skaters

“The formation of rating lists is the prerogative of international federations. The ISU decision to update ratings and award titles in the absence of our athletes is a continuation of the discriminatory policy of world sports structures, which should remember that their main task is to develop sports, maintain conditions for fair competition, ”RIA Novosti … Read more

The joint venture proposed to exclude assets in the currencies of the countries that announced sanctions from the NWF

The Accounts Chamber (CA) of Russia proposed to exclude from the National Welfare Fund (NWF) funds placed in the currencies of countries that applied anti-Russian sanctions. This became known on July 28 from the materials of the control agency following the analysis of the formation, use and management of the NWF funds. “The Accounts Chamber … Read more

Fed keeps step // Key rate raised again by 0.75 percentage points

The US Federal Reserve System (FRS) Wednesday, July 27, again raised the key rate, bringing it to the range of 2.25-2.5% per annum. As in June, the increase was “non-standard” 0.75 percentage points. Explaining his decision, the regulator, as before, referred to the rise in inflation in the United States – in June it accelerated … Read more

The Russian Foreign Ministry does not exclude the termination of the issuance of Schengen visas to Russians

Against the backdrop of the anti-Russian policy pursued by the West, it cannot be ruled out that Europe may refuse to issue Schengen visas to Russian citizens, said Ivan Volynkin, director of the consular department of the Russian Foreign Ministry. In an interview with TASS, he pointed out that the ministry recorded all calls coming … Read more

House managers say goodbye, but do not leave // ​​The State Duma is looking for a solution to the problem of serial bankruptcies in housing and communal services

A draft law has been submitted to the State Duma to include in the register of disqualified persons not only managers, but also owners of management companies in housing and communal services, whose licenses have been cancelled. The authorities intend in this way to solve the problem of serial bankruptcies in the utility industry, when … Read more