Eurostat: Inflation in the Eurozone hit a new all-time high again

Federal news agency The inflation rate in the EU reached 9.1% compared to 8.9% in July, according to Eurostat. Consumer prices rose over the month by 0.1%, amounting to 0.6%. Compared to August 2021, the cost of energy resources increased by 38.6%, food – by 10.6%, manufactured goods – by 5.1%, services – by 3.8%. … Read more

‘Too expensive’: Germany’s energy crisis threatens to destroy the eurozone

Federal news agency The energy crisis in Germany could destroy the economy of other European countries, wrote a journalist for the British online magazine Spiked Sabina Beppler-Spal. According to her, following the German difficulties with energy, the entire Eurozone may collapse. Leading Analyst of the National Energy Security Fund, Expert of the Financial University under … Read more

Analyst Vasiliev: the countries of southern Europe may be the first to abandon the euro Disagreements are growing inside the European Union against the backdrop of a worsening economic situation. In some countries of southern Europe, they may start talking about returning to the national currency, says Mikhail Vasiliev, chief analyst at Sovcombank. Southern countries will be the most vulnerable to rising inflation. Against the background of the deteriorating … Read more

Bloomberg warns of imminent recession in Europe

According to the authors of the article, the purchasing managers’ indices, which will be published on August 23, are likely to show a reduction in private sector production for the second month in a row, which is another indicator of a looming recession in the eurozone. Indices of business confidence in Germany, France and Italy … Read more

The rise in prices for energy carriers and electricity in Europe breaks records // Infographics

According to Eurostat, energy inflation reached 41.1% yoy in July. This is the highest figure since the beginning of observations in 1997. If we take the subcategories, the largest increase in July was shown by gas prices – 51.4% yoy. Since January, this indicator has grown by 10.7 percentage points against the backdrop of a … Read more