Global Times: The United States Is the Winner in Europe’s Energy Conflict

The beneficiary of the growing energy conflict in Europe is Washington, which is pushing the Europeans to take aggressive action against Russia. This is reported by the Chinese newspaper Global Times. According to the publication’s experts, the current energy crisis has a negative impact primarily on the European economy and the quality of life of … Read more

Forbes columnist Runkevičius: Russia will turn Europe’s energy nightmare into reality

© / Alexey VitvitskyFlags with symbols of the European Union MOSCOW, 9 Sep — Enforced restrictions on gas consumption risk ruin for Europe, writes Dan Runkevicius for Forbes. “Mandatory rationing – the energy nightmare becomes a reality,” the publication says. The author recalls that the EU is completely dependent on Russia, because it produces more … Read more

Global Times: Energy Crisis Will Break Europe’s Backbone

Federal news agency The dissatisfaction of European citizens will grow against the backdrop of the onset of the heating season. In the end, it will be the last straw that will “break the back” of Europe, George Galloway, a former British MP and head of the British Workers’ Party, told the Chinese edition of the … Read more

The head of the Ministry of Energy Shulginov doubted Europe’s refusal of Russian gas by 2027

He added that much will be decided in the coming winter. The reality of their faith in the rejection of Russian “blue fuel” depends on how the Europeans will be able to adapt to the new realities. Nevertheless, the minister is sure that the authorities of foreign states will not dare to take this step. … Read more

Volodin denied the possibility of Europe’s energy security without Russia

globallookpress/State Duma Russia The countries of the European Union will not be able to ensure the energy security of the region without Russia. This opinion was expressed by the Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin in his Telegram channel. He recalled that a year earlier, Europe purchased 341 billion cubic meters of gas, almost … Read more

Europe’s dissatisfaction with Russian laws speaks of their effectiveness

The changes imply a ban on educational activities for persons recognized as foreign agents. In these amendments, the ECtHR found violations of human rights, including freedom of assembly and expression. According to Piskarev, it is precisely the dissatisfaction of Europe that indicates that the approved points are effective. It is not the first time that … Read more

Daily Express Analyst Calls Europe’s JV Shutdown ‘Death Blow’

Shutting off gas through the Nord Stream pipeline would deal a “mortal blow” to Europe, Daily Express analyst Thibault Spierle said on August 28. From August 31 to September 2, Russia will suspend the operation of the gas pipeline, the analyst reminded. According to him, in Europe they fear that Moscow could extend the shutdown … Read more

phasing out Russian gas forever buried Europe’s green energy dreams

The result of all this may be the further fascisization of Europe. The poorest segments of the population, hungry and cold people, will begin to take to the streets. Their demonstrations will be dispersed with water cannons, dogs, plastic bullets and so on. In general, everything will end with the establishment of a dictatorship.”