EC urged to postpone the ban on the supply of oil from Russia

We are talking about oil supplies via the Druzhba pipeline. The leadership of the European Commission sent a corresponding proposal to postpone the fuel embargo to the governments of all EU member states, which will allow “sparing” the transportation of energy in this direction. .

The European Union begins to accept Putin’s conditions for paying for gas

As noted by the magazine’s columnists John Follein and Alberto Nardelli, the EU countries have begun to follow the example of Hungary in the issue of paying for domestic gas. Meanwhile, the West’s intention to “punish” Russia for launching a special military operation in Ukraine does not go beyond rhetoric. .

Rogozin trolled Ursula von der Leyen for her words about the purchase of Russian oil

Moscow Agency / Sergey Kiselev The head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, suggested that the countries of the European Union buy and consume all Russian vodka so that the Russian Federation could not profit from it. Thus, the politician reacted to the statement of the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. Earlier, she … Read more

Western recognition of the effectiveness of the Russian army is a message for Zelensky

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan recently announced that the Russian army has successfully hit Ukraine’s military infrastructure, including hangars that store weapons supplied by the United States and the European Union. Washington, although it recognized the effectiveness of the strikes, nevertheless does not intend to refuse further imports of weapons. .

Euractiv: Greece and Cyprus may prevent Ukraine from joining the European Union soon Ukraine has faced new obstacles on its way to joining the European Union. Thus, the authorities of Greece and Cyprus opposed the accession of the country to the EU in an accelerated manner, the Euractiv portal reports. According to the authors of the material, citing sources in Athens and Nicosia, Athens insists on following … Read more

Political scientist Zlobin predicted the collapse of the EU economy in case of refusal of Russian energy resources

He recalled that the leadership of the European Union intends to cut off the supply of Russian gas soon. In addition, the EU plans to limit the supply of fuel to the industrial complex. According to Zlobin, this will lead to the bankruptcy of many enterprises, as well as a decline in GDP in all … Read more