The United States refused to increase gas production to compensate for Russian fuel in Europe

According to analysts and market players, US shale gas exports are almost at their limit. Suppliers from the United States will not be able to compensate the EU for the fuel shortage that will arise in the region after the entry into force of the embargo on Russian oil. .

EU rejection of unanimous decision-making system considered unlikely

It’s not just the decision-making system that’s at stake, he said. We are talking about the expansion of the European Union and its institutional changes, so this must be taken seriously. According to the minister, countries should be open to dialogue, and the task of the EU is to convince them of this. .

the result of the sanctions war against Russia was the extinction of European industry

Specialist Vasily Koltashov drew attention to the fact that the basic industries in the EU are at risk. This is due to the introduction of restrictions against the Russian Federation, which supplied cheap fuel to the advanced countries of the continent. .

Europe began to look for excuses because of the failure of Zelensky in Ukraine

The observer in an article for Moskovsky Komsomolets recalled the words of the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, who at the beginning of the Russian NVO said that the conflict could only be resolved on the battlefield. Now, in his opinion, the conditions for the end of the special operation depend solely on the … Read more

referendum in the LPR will be the reason for the hysteria of the European Union

The referendum in the Luhansk People’s Republic will lead to severe hysteria of the Ukrainian regime and the fury of Western countries, so the security of the vote should be ensured. Dmitry Belik, a member of the international committee of the State Duma, is convinced of this. .

“Vzglyad”: the European Union began the division of Ukraine

Federal News Agency Kyiv risks losing a third or more of its lands, but this is far from the only sad outcome awaiting the state. The Vzglyad edition is convinced of this. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is confident that the Ukrainian conflict could last until 2030, after which Kyiv will lose many regions bordering … Read more

Borrell said that it is Ukraine that should name the conditions for ending the conflict

Moreover, Borrell spoke out about the restrictions against Moscow, saying that they allowed the European Union to free itself from energy and economic dependence on the Russian Federation, which threatened the “independence and security” of European countries. .