The Central Bank lowered the ruble against the dollar and the euro on October 7

The Russian Central Bank set on Friday, October 7, the official dollar rate at 60.25 rubles, and this is 85 kopecks higher than the previous figure. .

Experts assessed the prospects for the euro and the dollar in Russia

Russia has been living under Western sanctions for more than seven months, some of which are directed against the financial system. Despite the Western ban, Russians can buy and sell euros and dollars. This is possible thanks to the good work of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, experts explained to Moskovsky Komsomolets. .

The euro exchange rate at the end of trading on the Moscow Exchange exceeded 56 rubles

The dollar exchange rate at the end of trading on the Moscow Exchange on October 4 amounted to 58.95 rubles, the euro – 56.4 © RIA Novosti / Maria Devakhina / Go to media bankElectronic scoreboard with the euro sign on one of the streets in Moscow © RIA Novosti / Maria Devakhina Go to … Read more

The financier Antonov recommended the Russians to diversify the currency

According to him, investors now face two paths. They can diversify dollars and euros, or make a choice in favor of risk. As Antonov noted, it is not known whether the dollar will remain in use in Russia. In addition, many banks have come under sanctions, which makes it difficult to transfer the currency, Prime … Read more

Economist Kovrigin: the weakening of the euro will be a factor in the recession in the EU

Federal News Agency The European Union is at risk of entering a recession, and one of its reasons will be a significant weakening of the euro. This view of the future of the European economy is shared by Vadim Kovrigin, head of the Lipetsk regional branch of the Party of Growth. “A weak eurozone currency … Read more

Analyst Antonov predicted a moderate strengthening of the ruble at the beginning of next week The ruble at the beginning of next week is able to moderately strengthen. Despite the negative background, in October the value of the dollar can range from 55 to 59 rubles, the euro – from 54 to 58 rubles. Vladislav Antonov, a financial analyst at BitRiver, shared this information in an interview with the … Read more