The expert assessed three possible options for Russia’s response to the oil price ceiling

Three options for responding to oil sanctions, which, according to the Vedomosti newspaper, were developed by Moscow, are not mutually exclusive and can be used either separately or in combination, said Igor Yushkov, a leading analyst at the National Energy Security Fund, an expert at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. … Read more

The International Criminal Court has criticized the European Union for a plan to arrange a tribunal over Russia

According to him, the proposal to create a special tribunal, which should operate with the support of the UN, does not make sense, since the ICC is capable of investigating war crimes committed in Ukraine. Khan stressed that the ICC has already launched an investigation, but he cannot punish Russia for conducting a special operation, … Read more

“Anamnesis of the week”. UN investigation and energy price ceiling

The UN began to study the video of the execution of Russian prisoners of war. Creepy footage of Ukrainian nationalists from the 80th Airborne Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shooting Russians lying on the ground appeared online in November. Head of the Commission for Organizing an Investigation of Events in Ukraine Eric … Read more

The European Commission announced a transitional period with the introduction of a “ceiling” of gas prices from the Russian Federation

The European Commission has revealed the details of the mechanism of the “ceiling” of gas prices. The restriction adopted by the EU countries will be introduced gradually and will not apply to some of the black gold purchased in excess of the limit. .

Bloomberg explained the benefits of Russian LNG for Europe compared to the American | KenHodge/CC BY 2.0 The countries of the European Union (EU) continue to increase the purchase of Russian liquefied natural gas (LNG), despite constant remarks about the severing of economic and political ties with Moscow, Bloomberg reports. The journalists of the portal noted that Brussels, expressing a desire to recognize the Russian Federation as … Read more

The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry warned about the machinations of the West with the European currency | Administration of the President of Russia Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during a press conference suggested that the euro would soon become a tool for manipulation by the West. “There is no trust in the dollar, the euro can also be used in fraud, given what tricks the European Union resorts to when … Read more

The Poles’ Aggressive Behavior Revealed Their True Gas Plans

The authors of the material drew attention to the fact that the Polish authorities, having opened their own gas pipeline in Europe, are trying to create an “energy empire”, as well as set their own conditions for other countries. Warsaw adheres to an aggressive foreign policy strategy, with the help of which it wants to … Read more