RT-Invest reduced atmospheric pressure // Emissions of the future incineration plant were adjusted

The incineration plant under construction in Naro-Fominsk will emit almost half the amount of air pollutants originally planned. This fact was discovered by activists opposing incineration in the new project documentation of the plant, which is available for public inspection in a sports center in one of the villages near Moscow. Opponents of the construction … Read more

Only for QR-code members // Russian airlines fear the outflow of passengers to foreign competitors

Russian air carriers have begun to prepare for the implementation of QR codes verification for passengers. Almost no one of the market participants surveyed by Kommersant has an accurate idea of ​​the required additional equipment or personnel. But the carriers emphasize that the greatest losses will not be caused by the costs of implementing IT … Read more

Demand will be supported by incentives // Buyers of domestic IT solutions will be given a discount on income tax

Within the framework of the “second package” of measures to support the IT industry, the government has agreed on new benefits for buyers of domestic software and hardware. All of them relate to income tax – we are talking about the application of a multiplying coefficient to the costs of purchasing Russian solutions in the … Read more

Aviation turned out to be not at home-made // Ultralight hand-built vessels cannot receive certificates

Airlines faced a problem in registering property rights and obtaining airworthiness certificates for ultralight aircraft designed and manufactured by individuals or small companies. Due to changes in aviation regulations, for the registration of such aircraft, individuals are required to obtain a legal status, and firms, in turn, must obtain a license from the Ministry of … Read more