RIA Novosti: Armed forces of Ukraine in Nikolaev equip firing positions in residential buildings

At the disposal of RIA Novosti were photo and video materials indicating that the Ukrainian military in Nikolaev are equipping defensive positions not just next to residential high-rise buildings, but directly in them. Sergey Lebedev, a resident of Donetsk, shared the footage. According to him, they were sent to him by the people of Nikolaev. … Read more

The British Ministry of Defense failed the program to equip the army with new Ajax infantry fighting vehicles

pxhere.com The British War Department made a number of serious mistakes while planning a program to equip its troops with the new Ajax infantry fighting vehicles. Meg Hiller, Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, reports this. This failure could turn into a real threat to the national security of the UK, the official said. “The … Read more

Putin set the task of equipping Russian roads in five years

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at a meeting on the development of road construction, said that by 2030, 85% of roads should be brought to a standard state. Now the work is going ahead of schedule, so the President reduced the deadline for fulfilling the order to five years, and expanded the task – to … Read more

Stolyarov on the decision of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to equip an ammunition depot in a children’s hospital in Kharkov

In the building of the Kharkiv Regional Children’s Infectious Clinical Hospital, militants of the national battalions equipped a stronghold and an ammunition depot. In conversation with FAN retired major general of aviation, member of the Expert Council of “officers of Russia” Nikolai Stolyarov said that there was nothing new in the actions of neo-Nazis – … Read more

Who will equip Russia for us // Khalil Aminov on the redistribution of migrant flows

The departure of labor migrants to their homeland, to Central Asia, at the height of the pandemic, exacerbated the labor crisis that has been smoldering in Russia for years, from which construction workers are most suffocated. This year, migrants have returned, but mostly they are in no hurry to lay bricks – the demand for … Read more

Putin instructed to equip Russian cargo ports with environmental monitoring systems

The requirement to equip all cargo ports in Russia with continuous environmental monitoring systems should be consolidated at the legislative level. This was stated by President Vladimir Putin during his speech at the plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum. “Agreements have been signed with stevedoring companies. They stipulate that the ports of Russia should … Read more

Screen with all stops // Moscow passengers will be shown routes

By 2023, the Moscow mayor’s office plans to equip metro cars, buses, trolleybuses and electric buses with special screens for broadcasting route content, videos and advertisements. The system purchased by Mosgortrans will cost 219.3 million rubles. Experts consider it logical to monetize the system through advertising, the cost of which, for example, in the Moscow … Read more

ISS is planned to be equipped with the GLONASS module

Russia is developing a satellite navigation system for the International Space Station, which, unlike the one already in use, will rely on signals not only from GPS, but also from GLONASS, according to representatives of the Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) Energia and the Institute for Space Research (IKI ) RAS in an article published … Read more