Ships of the Northern Fleet “Ivan Gren” and “Admiral Levchenko” entered the Yenisei Bay

MOD Russia/via The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that the large anti-submarine ship “Admiral Levchenko” and the large landing ship (BDK) “Ivan Gren” of the Northern Fleet entered the Yenisei Bay. The ministry said in a statement that combat units of the Russian Navy headed for Dudinka. It is noted that … Read more

Four-legged Malinois rescuers entered the service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DPR

About how the initiative to transfer dogs to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DPR arose, told Andrey KostrominChairman of the Board of the sports and cynological organization of Moscow “X Legion”: .

Security forces entered into battle with Ukrainian saboteurs in the center of Kherson Herrera/Keystone Press Agency In the capital of the Kherson region, preliminary, the liquidation of the sabotage and reconnaissance group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is taking place. There is no talk of a “breakthrough” of Ukrainian troops into the Kherson region, RIA Novosti was told in emergency services. Footage from the scene was … Read more

Materials of the case of mass poisoning with surrogate alcohol entered the court of Yekaterinburg A criminal case on mass poisoning with surrogate alcohol in the Sverdlovsk region began to be considered in the Chkalovsky District Court of Yekaterinburg. As a result of the incident, 44 people died, the press service of the court reported. In total, there are seven men involved in the case. Three of them had … Read more

the allies entered Pervomaiskoye, the Armed Forces of Ukraine resumed shelling of the ZNPP

He stressed that the EU wants an end to hostilities “with respect for the sovereignty of Ukraine”, but the victory of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the Russian army, apparently, is no longer being discussed. .

Employees of the Russian Guard detained a drunken hooligan who entered the apartment of a pensioner in Kazan

The attacker intended to get into the apartment through the window on the first floor, removing the mosquito net. The pensioner was in the kitchen and, returning to the room, saw a drunken stranger on the windowsill. The owner of the living space immediately pushed the uninvited guest out into the street, after which he … Read more

Ukrainian emigrant with a criminal past entered Trump’s entourage by fraudulent means Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0 The FBI has launched an investigation against 33-year-old Ukrainian citizen Inna Yaschishin. For several years, a woman has fraudulently rubbed herself into the confidence of American politicians, including former US President Donald Trump. The criminal posed as a member of the famous Rothschild family. So, the Ukrainian woman tried to impress … Read more