Employees of the YARUS social network enter the music scene

Project manager YaRUS.Music Kirill Ustinov has a very diverse taste and he calls himself a music lover. Can listen to rap and post-rock, but prefers unusual, original, regional or ethnic music. I always dreamed of getting to a Franz Ferdinand concert. In 2019, Kirill founded the Two Frames Remaining group, with which he has already … Read more

The Russians tried to enter Finland on tourist visas after the border was closed

Russian tourists who managed to get to the checkpoint before midnight were checked by border guards in accordance with the old rules. But those who reached the border after midnight were examined in accordance with the new regulations. In this regard, about 50% of Russians were denied entry on a tourist visa. .

Moldova is preparing to enter the gas market in the event of a cessation of supplies from Russia

Moldova should be ready to stop cooperation with Russia in the gas sector, says Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure Andrei Spinu. He said that the state should be ready to switch to alternative suppliers. .

Turkey and the UN have found a way for Russian fertilizers to enter the market, the Foreign Minister said

Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu: Options found for bringing Russian agricultural products to the markets © RIA Novosti / Russian Foreign Ministry / Go to mediabankTurkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu © RIA Novosti / Russian Foreign Ministry Go to mediabank Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu. Archive photo ANKARA, September 24 – RIA Novosti. Turkish Foreign Minister … Read more

Russian Armed Forces prevented an attempt by Ukrainian saboteurs to enter the Zaporozhye region

According to Rogov, the day before, Russian troops stopped another attempt by Ukrainian saboteurs to enter the liberated territory of the region. Currently, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are transferring more and more Western weapons to the line of contact in the Zaporozhye region, so the Russian Armed Forces are also strengthening reserves, he added. … Read more

The Polish authorities have named the categories of Russians who will be able to enter the country

We are talking about Russians with a residence permit, dissidents, diplomats, as well as those who enter for humanitarian purposes. Exceptions are provided “to facilitate the transport of goods and transport services” – it is assumed that we are talking about truck drivers. .

Lada Largus may soon enter the series on an electric motor

At the same time, Sokolov added that Largus with a new generation power plant is planned to be produced at the facilities of the Izhevsk plant. It also became known that in the near future the enterprise in Togliatti will resume work after a break due to unfriendly actions of Western states, FederalPress reported. .