The energy crisis is forcing electric car owners in Switzerland to switch to buses

So, if the situation with the supply of electricity worsens, the use of electric cars will be allowed only for urgent trips. In all other cases, drivers will have to change to public transport – buses, trams and trolleybuses. .

Expert Listovsky listed the EU countries with the greatest risks during the energy crisis

As for such powers as France, Sweden, Finland and Ireland, they are waiting for local power outages. In addition, Germany is already returning to the use of coal-fired power plants due to the lack of wind, Listovsky noted. .

Bloomberg warned of the risk of blackouts in Europe with a few more degrees of cooling

Europe is now at the mercy of the weather, while energy prices remain excessively high. At the same time, the cost of subsidies is rising, and even industry representatives have started talking openly about possible de-industrialization. .

Ex-Prime Minister of Moldova called to unite with Romania for energy independence

The politician in his social networks pointed out that the “proclaimed and declared” integration of the country into the European Union will not lead to an increase in the volume of natural gas in storage, and the energy imported from Transnistria will not be enough for the whole country. According to Filat, now Chisinau should … Read more

EU countries became dependent on US gas supplies

According to him, Europe, due to the initiative to close nuclear plants as part of the green agenda, has increased its need for natural gas imports. But due to the refusal of Russian energy supplies, the countries of the region are forced to purchase fuel from American industry companies, without being able to challenge these … Read more

Estonian Prime Minister admits the possibility of power outages due to the energy crisis

Kalas stressed that because of the sanctions, Russia is supplying more than 1,000 MW of electricity to the country. In addition, the situation is aggravated by the suspension of a number of large power plants in the territory of the European Union. .

Hadron Collider shut down two weeks early due to power shortage

Such reports indicate that Europe is trying to save on everything. For example, in Geneva, the pressure of one of the largest fountains in the world was reduced, and in Poland, office employees were forbidden to charge phones at work and boil kettles, Channel Five reports. .

Japan fears Russia’s retaliatory measures after the introduction of the price “ceiling” on oil

Tokyo is afraid of Russia’s refusal to supply raw materials to countries that supported the introduction of restrictive measures, since in this case the cost of oil could rise sharply, and the energy situation would worsen even more. .

Manufacturers leave Germany en masse due to high energy prices The high cost of energy is increasingly forcing German big business to move production abroad, FBM reports with reference to the Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten portal. The relocation of enterprises began even before the start of the energy crisis, when six companies left Germany at once. Experts predict a complete decline in the country’s industry, … Read more