Finnish companies may stop production due to a jump in electricity prices

Journalists noted that the rapid rise in energy prices will not only lead to austerity in the country’s industrial sector, but will also provoke a halt in a number of local industries. Sanna-Mari Jurakoski, CEO of the Central Finland Entrepreneurs’ Organization, added that organizations are now looking for ways to save their business and minimize … Read more

Morawiecki called on the people of Poland to prepare for a difficult winter The population of Poland is waiting for a hard winter, said the Prime Minister of the Republic Mateusz Morawiecki. During a meeting of the National Development Council, the politician specified that the current energy crisis surprised not only Europe, but the whole world. Poland will also feel the consequences of current events. “We will … Read more

Oil and gas crisis in the EU may be protracted

Energy Aspects analyst Amritu Sen is confident that the energy crisis in Europe will not end in 2023. Despite the measures taken by the EU government to help businesses and the public and mitigate the impact of rising energy prices, the crisis in the EU will continue for several years, reports Bloomberg. .

Slovakia announced its intention to keep gas supplies from Russia contrary to the position of the EU

The CEO of Eustream, the Slovak gas transmission operator, and the president of the Slovak Gas and Oil Union, Rastislav Nyukovich, announced the need to maintain Russian gas supplies to the country, the Bratislava newspaper Pravda reports. .

Bloomberg: The European Commission will propose a plan for the digitalization of the EU energy system The European Commission will propose a 565 billion euro plan to digitalize the EU’s energy system. Thus, Europe plans to end its energy dependence on Russia by the end of the decade, Bloomberg notes. The Energy System Digitization Action Plan, which will be unveiled by the European Commission next week, will require €565 billion … Read more

Die Welt analysts told how the nationalization of Uniper will turn out for Germany

Stefan Koriot, a professor at the Ludwig Maximilian University, recalled that the Constitutional Court of Germany had earlier abolished the “coal tax” for a similar reason, a surcharge on the cost of electricity that all consumers in the country had to pay. .

Helsingin Sanomat: Suspension of operation of the Swedish nuclear power plant threatens Northern Europe with a catastrophe The temporary shutdown of the Swedish nuclear power plant could lead to a catastrophe in the energy market in Northern Europe, writes Helsingin Sanomat. We are talking about the Ringhals nuclear power plant, where the launch of the fourth reactor was recently postponed for technical reasons. The interruption in the operation of the station … Read more

France may cut electricity exports to Italy

The French company Electricite de France SA is reducing production at nuclear power plants for technical reasons. The indicator of received electricity will fall to the lowest level in 30 years, which will exacerbate the energy crisis in the country. .