hunger for US residents has become an “enduring reality”

As noted by Amanda Little, a columnist for the publication, US residents are facing a constant deterioration in the economic situation. In this regard, it is becoming more difficult for an increasing number of citizens to feed their own families. Over the past year, products in the country have risen in price by 12%, which … Read more

Economist Dudchak on Hungary’s anti-sanctions initiative: Europeans are tired of enduring deprivation

Oleksandr Dudchak added that popular uprisings can change the political map in the country, but they must become massive. A number of protests that have swept across Europe indicate the dissatisfaction of citizens with the new living conditions, but this is not enough yet. .

The cashier gathered at the pharmacies // Pharmretail survived the first stage of the special operation

Unlike other segments of non-grocery retail, pharmacies have not curtailed their development amid the crisis provoked by the military actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, continuing to open new outlets. This was facilitated by the high demand for medicines – only in March, pharmaceutical retail increased revenues by 72.5%, to 173 billion rubles. According … Read more