Training “for life” // Company employees are satisfied even with unqualified coaches

Employees of Russian companies strive to discuss personal effectiveness with professional coaches and are most often satisfied with the results of the sessions, according to a study by the recruiting company Hays. At the same time, the qualification level of a significant part of such specialists may be insufficient – from 30% to 60% of … Read more

High flood performance // Companies started to monitor remote employees more closely

Personnel monitoring systems are used or are planning to be implemented by 76% of Russian companies that have switched to a hybrid work format. We are talking about checking e-mail and monitoring site visits, analysts at Vanson Bourne found out. HR leaders noted that this practice can complicate relationships in the team, but many companies … Read more

FT: Deutsche Bahn employees tried unsuccessfully to draw attention to abuses of company management

According to an investigation by the Financial Times, two employees of the German railway operator Deutsche Bahn have repeatedly tried to draw attention to the abuse by some high-ranking managers, but to no avail. Back in 2016, employees reported to Deutsche Bahn’s internal control department about suspicions of embezzlement of corporate funds. But when an … Read more

SKB “Kontur” bought the developer of the tracking program for StaffCop employees

The popular developer of IT solutions for business SKB “Kontur” bought 80% of the manufacturer of information security systems StaffCop “Atom Security”. The parties do not disclose the amount of the transaction. The StaffCop software line monitors all information passing through corporate devices and networks, records the productivity of employees, keeps track of their working … Read more

Covid in the sectoral context // Ministry of Industry and Trade will track the progress of vaccination in industry and trade

The Ministry of Industry and Trade intends to monitor the vaccination of employees of industrial and trade enterprises to assess industry risks and avoid disruptions in production chains. For the analysis, the department promises to use only anonymous data. It is supposed to collect information through the portal of the state information system of industry … Read more