Employees of the French Embassy in the Central African Republic staged two accidents in the center of Bangui

A car belonging to representatives of the Fifth Republic crashed into a motorcycle taxi and tried to leave the scene of the accident. Moving towards the department, the car with diplomats again got into an accident involving another rickshaw. As a result of two incidents, the first victim received moderate injuries.

Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations rescued a man stuck in a deep well near Tula

The incident took place today in the village of Rusinovka. After the repair of the well on the plot, the man could not rise to the surface on his own, therefore, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were called to the place of emergency. It is noted that the “prisoner” was not injured. .

in St. Petersburg, the memory of the employees of the Criminal Investigation Department was honored

It is here that a memorial sign was erected to the employees of the criminal investigation department who died in the line of duty. Here are buried 50 employees of the Criminal Investigation Department, who made the greatest contribution to the fight against crime in our city. One of them, the first head of the … Read more

The director of the Crimean municipal unitary enterprise used employees to build his house

As noted in the department, investigators of the Federal Security Service for Crimea and Sevastopol found that the suspect in 2016-2020 attracted his subordinates to perform construction and installation work in his private house. He paid for their work from the funds of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise, which caused damage to the budget in the … Read more

Employees of the broadcasting company in Luhansk were evacuated due to a bomb threat

Unknown perpetrators reported on the mining of a television and radio broadcasting company in Lugansk. The employees of the institution were promptly evacuated to a safe place, TASS writes with reference to an employee of the enterprise. .

The Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation plans to oblige postal employees to check all squeaking and hissing parcels

The rules for regulating shipments in Russia may be tightened. The Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation has developed an order that expands the powers of postal employees. .