InsideOver: The Russian Embassy in Italy showed a mysterious publication about Putin

Global Look Press | Kremlin Pool The Russian embassy in Rome has shared a mysterious publication that is dedicated to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Italian politicians. InsideOver analyst Andrea Muratore speculated about the message. Russian diplomats published a post on social networks, collecting several photos of the head of state with Italian politicians who … Read more

“Everyone will be fine. Especially our children”: What do people say who came to vote at the DPR embassy in Moscow

Many express the hope that the referendum will help “calm down” the war in the Donbass. “After all, what is happening there now is impossible!” – says one of the voters, leaving the polling station. “Mother Russia, take us away!” – emotionally exclaims another resident of the republic. “I want my hometown of Zaporozhye to … Read more

Russian Embassy: Two Russians died in a helicopter crash in Turkey

Two Russian citizens died in a fire helicopter crash in southern Turkey. This information was previously reported by the Turkish media, now it has been confirmed by the Russian Embassy in Turkey. “We regret to inform you that as a result of a helicopter crash in the province of Denizli, two Russian citizens died – … Read more

Russian Foreign Ministry: Russian Embassy in Libya will soon reopen

The work of the Russian embassy in Libya will resume soon. The corresponding statement was made by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Mikhail Bogdanov. “The embassy is opening, I think, in the near future,” Bogdanov said, quoted by RIA Novosti. The diplomat noted that organizational issues are currently being resolved. He … Read more

Russian Embassy: upon entering Latvia, the Russians were required to condemn the actions of Moscow

Latvian border guards forced Russians to sign statements condemning the Russian authorities upon entering the country. Russian citizens also face other provocations. This was announced on September 19 at the Russian Embassy in Latvia in an interview with RBC. “In case of refusal to do so [подписать заявление с осуждением Москвы]as practice shows, entry can … Read more

The Russian Embassy called egregious demands on the border of Latvia BY 3.0 Russians face egregious problems and provocations while crossing the Latvian border after the start of the Schengen entry ban. This was announced in an interview with RBC at the Russian Embassy in the country. As an example, the department recalled the requirement to sign in a certain statement condemning the Government of … Read more

The Embassy of the Russian Federation stated “blatant demands” to the Russians at the entrance to Latvia

When crossing the Latvian border, Russians face various provocations. In particular, they are forced to sign statements condemning the Russian authorities. This was announced on Monday, September 19, at the Russian Embassy in Latvia in an interview with RBC. “In particular, to them [россиянам] make egregious demands to sign a certain statement condemning the Russian … Read more