the embargo on oil products will deprive the EU countries of irreplaceable diesel from Russia

Leading economist at the analytical company Vortexa, David Wech, agreed with him. The specialist noted that of all the oil products supplied from the Russian Federation, diesel is the most difficult to replace. .

Tax hikes make oil embargo harder for companies

The plans of the Russian authorities to increase export duties and the mineral extraction tax (MET) for commodity exporters – oil and gas companies, as well as coal and fertilizer producers – are associated with risks for the federal budget that arose against the backdrop of sanctions, but they will complicate for oil companies a … Read more

France calculated the losses of the West from the embargo on Russian oil

Since December of this year, the Western market will receive less than 2.4 million barrels of raw materials per day (1.4 million barrels of oil and 1 million barrels of petroleum products). Because of this, serious problems associated with a shortage will begin on the global market of the West: they will have to face … Read more

Europe is in a hurry to stock up on Russian oil before the start of the embargo

According to Bloomberg estimates, Russia exports about 3.32 million barrels of crude oil by sea every day. Thus, Europe buys a third of all Russian oil supplied to foreign markets. Agency analysts point out that restrictions on oil purchases from the Russian Federation, which were introduced in July, could not significantly affect the structure of … Read more

The United States refused to comment on the possibility of lifting the embargo on Russian oil imports

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declined to answer a question about the possibility of lifting the ban on Russian oil supplies if a fuel price ceiling is agreed. This issue will be discussed at the G7 ministerial meeting. .

Prof. Akim explains evidence of Russia’s oil production cuts

Thus, according to the expert, the limited supply of oil with high global demand can reduce the impact of anti-Russian sanctions. At the same time, the FAN interlocutor noted that the reduction in exports of oil and oil products from Russia to Europe, the United States, Japan and Korea is compensated to some extent by … Read more