The head of the HRC Fadeev smashed the “creative elite” for criticizing and antics on the subject of SVO

In his opinion, in achieving any goal there are difficulties. In this case, the freedom of the people from external oppression and the sovereignty of the state are at stake. However, even this is not a reason for “sofa critics” to condemn the actions of the Russian army in the Donbass, he clarified in his … Read more

Detained ex-mayor of Arkhangelsk declared non-involvement in the elite motor rally

The ex-mayor of Arkhangelsk, Alexander Donskoy, who was detained in Moscow along with participants in the elite motor rally, said that he had nothing to do with the event. He announced his position on August 27 to Izvestia. According to Donskoy, he was at a bar near the place where the rally participants had gathered. … Read more

Malikov boasted an elite mansion for 1 billion rubles

Luxury real estate cost Malikov 1 billion rubles. Colleagues of the artist managed to visit and describe the mansion: it is a three-story building made of natural white stone. The house is surrounded by marble columns and panoramic windows. At the disposal of the Malikov family there is a large terrace with a fireplace, a … Read more

Pugacheva and Galkin spend more than 3 million rubles for the education of children in an elite gymnasium

Annual education at the First Gymnasium costs 1.680 million rubles per child. If two children from the same family study at the institution at the same time, then parents are given a ten percent discount. Thus, Pugacheva and Galkin give 3.193 million rubles a year for the education of twins. .

Football player Robert Lewandowski was left without an elite watch after a robbery

At first, Lewandowski tried to catch up with the thief on his own, but missed him. The police joined the capture, and they detained the criminal. According to the article, the unfortunate pickpocket hid the watch under a tree. .

Russian Defense Ministry announced the destruction of the echelon with the elite battalion of the President of Ukraine

On July 28, the armed forces of the Russian Federation, using high-precision air-based weapons, defeated a military train at the Krasnoarmeisk station of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). It was transporting an elite assault battalion of the 1st Separate Brigade of the President of Ukraine, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on July 30. … Read more

Ukraine lost elite military, howitzers and radars made by the USA

The Russian Defense Ministry reported new data on the special operation in Ukraine. Attacks on enemy military targets continue. On July 28, a military train was destroyed at the Krasnoarmeysk station (DPR). He transported the elite assault battalion of the 1st separate brigade of the Ukrainian president. As a result of the incident, over 140 … Read more

The crisis in Ukraine has led to divisions among the ruling elite in Bulgaria BY-SA 4.0 The consequences of the Ukrainian crisis have led to divisions in the ranks of the political elite in Bulgaria. Prime Minister Kiril Petkov told the Guardian about this. The politician said that conflicts arose between him and President Rumen Radev over payment for Russian gas. The prime minister noted that the president … Read more