Alexander Gamov revealed the details of the death of the editor of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Vladimir Sungorkin

In Primorsky Krai, Sungorkin collected material for a book dedicated to the pioneer of the Far East, Vladimir Arseniev. The Network reports that the cause of death of the journalist was a stroke. .

Ombudsman Murey responded to the editor of BerlinerKurier on the persecution of journalist Lipp for the truth about Donbass

Hoein goes on to point out in her article that Lipp previously had ties to the Green Party, with whom she later became disillusioned. In his opinion, to be disappointed in the party and leave it is, if not a crime, then a reprehensible step for sure. And even more so to notice Russophobia in … Read more

The publication will be launched on the “New” // Journalists of one of the leading Russian media announced the launch of an independent project outside the country

Journalists from Novaya Gazeta, who left Russia, are launching an online publication Novaya in one of the European countries. Europe”. The project is not a foreign branch of the Russian edition, news will be published on the site not only in Russian, but also in English and German, Kirill Martynov, editor-in-chief of the publication, … Read more

KVN editor Marfin spoke about the possible appearance of Nagiyev as the host of the TV game

Moscow, 8 February. Information about the appearance of the Russian showman Dmitry Nagiyev in the place of the permanent host of the popular humorous television game KVN Alexander Maslyakov appeared in the press after the words of comedian Denis Kosyakov. The spreading rumors were commented by the producer of the program Mikhail Marfin. Marfin said … Read more

Up on the Bull // Can Investors Satisfy Their Hunger in the Year of the Tiger

The Year of the Bull justified its image – most markets went up, sometimes renewing historical highs. This was largely determined by the pumping of the economies and wallets of citizens by financial regulators against the backdrop of the fight against the pandemic. However, cash horse doses inevitably should have led to a rise in … Read more

Medal “For paperlessness” // How the landing of digital special forces is met in Russia

Moving life and work online transformed a dim light in the corridors of power labeled “digitalization” into a blinding flashing light. Anyone who is not in trend runs the risk of losing not only the status of keeping up with the times, but also generous budgets. Therefore, in 2021, not only the private, but also … Read more

The most monetary of the arts // Anna Afanasyeva on the transition of state support for television content to the Internet

A competent propaganda always knows where its audience is. Feature-length film production is declining, the pandemic remains constrained, and producers are shifting to work with growing online platforms amid digitalization. And now the state is already allocating billions for TV series for the online environment. With these budgets, it can clearly influence the flow. But … Read more