Economists predicted the ruble exchange rate in October

The exchange rate of the ruble against the dollar for October is forecasted with a slight decrease, to the level of 60-70 rubles, Alexander Neverov, director of the Institute for Psychological and Economic Research, told Izvestia. “The most likely weakening of the ruble to 64-65 rubles per dollar. According to our forecasts, the euro will … Read more

Economists told how the increase in the dollar supply led to a recession in the global economy

The United States plans to raise the Federal Reserve’s key rate to 4.5% in 2023. The Chinese edition of the Global Times writes that this will lead to a global economic earthquake. Leading researcher at RISS, specialist in economics Pavel Zakharov does not consider the prospects for the global economy so pessimistic, but believes that … Read more

German economists predicted a bleak future for the country without Russian gas

Two leading German research institutes expect the German economy to shrink in 2023, with recession and damage reaching €150 billion, Handelsblatt wrote on Thursday, September 8. “The German economy is expected to contract markedly in 2023. This is what two leading German economic research institutes are predicting in their forecasts released on Thursday. Institute of … Read more

Senator Pushkov praised The Economist’s “Disconnected States of America” ​​headline

Senator Alexei Pushkov reacted to the new cover of the weekly British magazine The Economist, which depicts the Statue of Liberty in a very original design. A member of the Russian Federation Council shared his opinion on Telegram. .

British economists warn of ‘energy disaster’

Source: Vuk Valcic/Global Look Press London, 25 August. Millions of vulnerable families will suffer serious physical and financial damage if the government does not act to prevent a catastrophe this winter and cut electricity bills. Economists of the analytical center Resolution Foundation warned about this. Experts said drastic measures such as price freezes, solidarity taxes … Read more

Bottom promises to be less deep // Economists improve estimates for CIS+ economies

Despite the deterioration in estimates of overall global economic growth this year, macroeconomic forecasts for the countries of the CIS+ region are improving. The decline in GDP, according to analysts surveyed by Focus Economics, is still expected in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. At the same time, the assessment of the contraction of the Russian … Read more

Say something like a central bank // ECB economists wondered if the population of Europe understands them

Economists at the European Central Bank (ECB) have published a review on the new stage of the “communication revolution of central banks”. The active communication of regulators with the professional community since the 1990s has been transformed in recent years into a discussion by central banks of the next step – direct communication with the … Read more

In Russia, it is necessary to fall for a long time // The Central Bank explained the softness of the recession by the mutual expectation of sellers and buyers

The Bank of Russia has put forward a new explanation for the short-term situation in the Russian economy: according to its economists, we can talk about an “adaptive expectation trap”, in which the protracted GDP decline is explained by the inertia of both consumers and producers. Companies are expecting demand adjustments, consumers are expecting supply … Read more

Small business in poor health // The first statistical descriptions of the business results of the lockdowns of 2020 have appeared

The COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020, contrary to the many and varied assumptions of economists in this regard, had a predictable impact on the structure of entrepreneurship. As a study by American economists based on materials from California showed, the concentration of business sales as a result shifted towards large companies – they recovered more slowly … Read more